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When Data Disasters Happen

When Data Disasters Happen

Online information dictates business decisions.  Simple, right?  So what if a company’s server goes down, or sensitive information gets leaked or compromised?  Thinking ahead and planning for worst-case scenarios is never a bad thing, and if a company relies on the Internet to drive its business and stay competitive, accidents are bound to occur.  Take cloud data storage, such as…

Cloud Data Backup

Data cloud storage is straightforward in its concept and execution: place information on the Internet, and the information stays there for use without the need for a dedicated server.  Private companies utilizing a firewall to support data organization benefit from cloud data the same way that a user of Google’s Drive or Amazon’s S3 benefits, in this way.  The primary problem that Tie National, LLC wants to discuss here is when the cloud data is lost or compromised, so after putting a failover such as a cloud backup in place, the next best thing is redundancy in the form of a multiple fiber run or cellular backup.

This course of action provides at least two things:

1) The cloud backup keeps crucial data from being completely lost in a firewall or cloud server compromise.

2) The physical redundant infrastructure options such as multiple fiber runs will prevent data loss.

This is all well and good, but suppose the power grid goes out?

Power Failure

More so than the cloud going down, a power failure can kill a company’s revenue for the day or even the week if the outage lasts.  On-site uninterruptible power supply provides a third measure of safety for a company’s data, thankfully.  TIE offers this service in addition to every other feature of our IT support and hosting is a rather unexpected, but pleasant bonus for partners.

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The Payoff

The Internet in 2016 makes the business world go ’round, but not every company necessarily has the IT staff on hand to deal with every internal and external complication or emergency stemming from the company’s online presence.  Partnering with Tie National, LLC removes some of the strain from IT on fixing problems with, say, the e-commerce section of the company site.  In-house IT staff would be freed up to enhance and expand the company’s online presence to help bring in new customers in such a scenario, making better use of employee time and reducing overhead costs.





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