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Why It’s Important to Keep UPS Units in Warranty

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When you hear the word “UPS,” are you thinking of a postal carrier in a big brown truck? UPS is actually a popular acronym in technological circles, and is well-known by many IT equipment experts. If you don’t know what a UPS unit is, you may be missing out on some major beneficial devices for your business’s electronics. Learn all about UPS Battery Backups and special coverage for these units in this article.

What are UPS Battery Backups?

An Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) Battery Backup is a backup source of power that activates when there is a loss of power or low voltage levels that are unacceptable for proper workflow. If you operate a business in an office or small building, you have probably already experienced a power outage that was related to local electricity issues or storms. You have probably felt the frustration of a screen going black, and losing all of the progress on a project you hadn’t yet saved. With a UPS Battery Backup, power can continue uninterrupted at your business, no matter the circumstances going on outside your door.

As a business in an age of so much technological advancement, you and your staff rely on computers for your day-to-day tasks. When the power goes out at your business, work stops completely. The hours you spend waiting for the lights to come back on can cost you hundreds of dollars, because no one is able to be productive. This is a nightmare of a situation, and it can all be avoided with an effective power source like a UPS Battery Backup.

What happens to old UPS batteries?

While having a UPS unit on site can be a great preventative measure for damage caused by power outages or surges, these items age just like any other electrical equipment. It’s important to keep track of the age of your UPS, and to run regular checkups on your device. Be on the lookout for any signs of wear and tear, as these could spark major issues that will eliminate the purpose of your UPS.

When UPS batteries expire, they can expand or leak dangerous fluids that are damaging to the equipment around them. An old UPS battery can wreak havoc on the entire office, and can even lead you to buying a whole new set of computers if leakage is not caught early enough. While this is a worrisome situation, checking the state of your UPS battery on a routine basis can help you avoid disaster.

What does a UPS unit warranty include?

A UPS unit warranty can save on major costs in the event an old battery goes unnoticed for too long. Depending on what UPS unit manufacturer you work with, all of your equipment may be covered if there is damage resulting from an old UPS battery. Some warranties even include on-going support and other IT services that can greatly help your business when you are having trouble with your electronics.

When you are shopping for a UPS unit, ask your manufacturer about the special types of surge insurance that can be included with your battery. This extra coverage will address the costs of any equipment ruined in the event that the UPS battery fails during a power surge or outage.

Why UPS Battery Backups Are Important

Many businesses rely on electronics for their daily tasks. While office computers usually include anti-virus software and other measures that protect company data, many business owners forget about one major topic that is crucial for productivity: power. When your office goes dark, do you have a backup power source? A UPS unit is necessary for events like these that happen fairly often. Normally when there is a full power outage, a UPS is used so that operators have enough time to shut down sensitive equipment or ensure expensive networking equipment in the back room does not power down. While it is nice to have a UPS on each computer, they will generally serve for only a couple of minutes.

Black Outs vs. Brown Outs

Everyone knows a blackout means a complete loss of power. When equipment suddenly loses connection to power, this can cause problems, including data loss and even equipment damage.

Brownouts are much more dangerous. Brownouts are when there is a short loss in power, sometimes only enough to dim the lights, other times enough to shut power completely off and right back on. When either of these situations occur, computer systems can really be damaged. Some systems might not receive enough power, where others will experience a surge of power at the end of the brownout. The fast change in power standings can cause much more damage than a standard backout.

UPS units are designed to minimize or even stop the dangers of the brownout. UPS units provide power as well as even out the voltage flow during these brownouts, preventing surges in power from damaging equipment. Proper implementation of a UPS unit could save multiple devices and stop a catastrophe from happening.

Where to find Uninterruptible Power Sources for Your Business

If you are looking for a premier provider of uninterruptible power sources and other IT supplies, the team at Tie National is here for you. Our UPS units are sourced from the industry’s best manufacturers and include Automatic Voltage Regulators. With this added bonus, your UPS Battery Backup will be able to detect changes in voltage and adjust the power flow accordingly. This is a great feature to have, as it increases the longevity in your battery.

For the best UPS Battery Backups and additional IT services, choose Tie National. Call today to learn more: (630) 301-7444

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