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Data Protection

The unplanned shutdown of a computer can cause you to lose important information in seconds. With a battery backup, your data will stay protected.

Time To Act

In the event of power loss, a backup battery can give you the time needed to properly shut down your computers, preventing important data loss.

Surge Protection

Sudden power surges can damage an electrical device that’s plugged in during the surge, with a backup battery, your computer will remain protected.

Why it matters

Not A Matter Of If But When

Power outages, blackouts, and brownouts are going to happen whether were ready for them or not. It’s essential to make sure you’re protected when power becomes an issue.  

We provide affordable UPS battery backups that give you a reliable backup power source to protect your data and equipment. 

Using a UPS can give you the peace of mind that your sensitive data will stay protected when a power disruption happens. 

Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)

Some UPS systems have Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) that automatically adjust power flowing into your device based on voltage increases and decreases.

Surge Insurance

All our UPS systems come with Surge Insurance – if your equipment is damaged even when plugged into the UPS, the manufacturer will pay for necessary repairs.

Extended BatteryModules (EMB)

Some manufacturers offer extended battery modules (EMB) to extend your total battery runtime in the event you need more time for proper device shutdown.

Outage Types

Not All Power Disruption Is The Same

It’s important to note that there are multiple types of power outages. A typical power outage can be any loss of power and can last for short or long periodsIt’s small in scale but can still cause issues for your devices, specifically when power returns quickly to your electronics. 


A blackout is a complete loss of power that affects a large area and is often caused by equipment failure or severe weather. Blackouts can last from minutes to days and can result in data loss, hard drive issues, and damage from power surges when a blackout is prolonged.


A brownout is a temporary reduction in voltage within an electrical system rather than a complete loss of power – typically lasting for a few seconds or minutes. Brownouts are usually caused by overloaded circuits or high demands on a power grid and result in data errors and more.

Helping meet your needs

We Give You a solution before there's a problem

Our expert team at Tie National will help you determine which features of our UPS system are the most applicable to your business. There are several parts of a UPS system setup that you need to know before making decisions. We help you determine: 

The sufficient UPS capacity to handle the wattage of your devices.

How much time is needed to prevent data loss and other issues.

The correct amount of runtime needed for your system.

That your UPS system has enough plugs for every electrical device needed.

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