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Unlock more easy tips for your Disaster Recovery plan

Unlock more easy tips for your Disaster Recovery plan

The importance of having a disaster recovery plan for your business isn’t always stressed enough in a time when virtually anything can happen. With nature already proving itself unstable around the world, and man-made disasters increasing, it places any business in riskier terrain. Even if you’ve never had anything happen before in your area, complacency only breeds fate.

With statistics showing that only a quarter of every economic loss from disaster got covered by insurance last year, you can’t always be sure you’ll be protected. Insurance only goes so far if you have an on-site server that suddenly shuts down.

Let’s look at detailed reasons why you need a disaster recovery plan, and what technology you can find to help make it work easier for you.

Pays for Itself

Bringing in tools that help in your disaster recovery efforts can automatically save you money over time. Evidence of this comes from statistics showing improved ROI when using automated and accelerated backups.

The same goes for using methods where data gets recovered in minutes rather than hours. Deduplication matters as well in how much money you can save in storage costs.

All of these require specific technology that finally gets you away from having to operate and maintain your own server. Even with some protection on your server, dangers are still there that can decrease when using other methods.

Dealing With Power Interruptions

Some may think losing power is the least problematic of all disasters. Unfortunately, it can still causing significant damage. The danger comes in creating downtime if you have no power backup. Risks associated with extensive blackouts are very real and get talked about frequently online and in books.

A potential blackout could mean having no power for days, or maybe weeks. Without any power source available to you, this could devastate your business.

One way to solve this is Uninterruptible Power Supply systems. UPS systems keep your power going during the worst possible situations. Using rack UPS models, you get generator compatibility and clean AC power without any transfer time. Plus, these systems typically have a 5yearbattery life so you can keep things running long-term without sudden battery drains.

With various equipment available for different situations, it’s one way to avert the emerging danger of more power outages. As our electrical grid infrastructure ages, it’s more important to think about than ever.

Using the Cloud for Recovery

You’ve probably heard plenty about the cloud, both good and bad. Using the cloud successfully depends on how well it’s managed. When you have a good provider behind the scenes, it’s the best data storage source to help you recover from disasters. All you need is an Internet connection to instantly retrieve your saved data from the cloud.

Eliminating IT Failure

Businesses can become devastated when IT failures occur. These can happen on a local or more extensive level. As you use more mobile devices in the field, you’ll need more failover and backup systems to make sure everything stays working.

The last thing you want is your mobile devices going down while your employees gather essential customer data. With a fast and reliable backup system, you can eliminate confusion when tech failures occur. In cases where downtime occurs, panic can potentially set in when there isn’t anywhere to turn.




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