To scale businesses into multiple locations, most everyone knows to replicate the aesthetics and processes to represent the brand. What many growing enterprises and franchises don’t necessarily consider is also expanding this same concept of standardization with their technology. Creating scalable technology has the ability to create consistency, efficiency and reliable performance from site to site…and yet standardization is often overlooked as an important element of the business growth model.

Top 3 Benefits of creating technology standardization:


    Step by step installation scopes find exactly what equipment needs to be installed and the requirements of how to install each right down to the color coding of cables. This attention to detail makes installation a breeze resulting in an overall cheaper deployment, as well as faster troubleshooting down the road with repair and maintenance.


    By installing the same equipment (brand and models) at every site, the same training can be launched to every site. This familiarity allows for efficient exchanges between a corporate office to satellite locations and employees to quickly adjust when deployed to aid at other sites.


    Technology plays a key role in the consistency of a brand across locations. Processes should be created with this in mind to discuss aspects such as how to record automated attendant and voicemail greetings, what music to play, on hold messages, and digital signage content offered on menu boards and promotional display monitors in the lobby.