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TIE’s Path to Partnership Blog Series: Step Two, Design

TIEs Path to Partnership Step 2, Design

“Design is a formal response to a strategic question.” – Mariona Lopez

Continuing in our blog series about TIE’s Path to Partnership, we move on to Step Two of this process as we discuss Design. Imagine moving into a new site. If you’re like most franchise owners, your focus is likely on the aesthetics and the customer experience. You may be working with a contractor to build the walls, choosing paint colors, getting floors installed, and then finishing it all off with lighting and the perfect furniture to complete the decadent and inviting TIE's Path to Partnership (SM)atmosphere that you want your customers to experience as they walk in. Sure your employees will need computers and telephones, and you may have a general idea on where you want them located but the logistics of it all is probably not your area of expertise.

How do you decide on how many computers you need, or how many telephone lines? What telephone system is right for you? Have you even considered surveillance, sound masking, background music or what about music on hold or data security? It’s a daunting task for anyone especially when caught up in the excitement of starting in a new place.

That is where Tie National, LLC’s experience shines. After our Collaboration in step one, the Design phase kicks in with step two and our team springs into action. We assess all the needs and challenges that were discussed to begin designing a plan targeted on your needs. In getting to know the needs of your business we can now work together to decide which products and services best support your site as it successfully grows. Our experience with customers from a range of industries, offers us a foundation of best practices that we can lean on to design the right placement for your technologies.

Starting a new business can be a very overwhelming process. There are a thousand things that have to be done and there is never enough time in the day to get them all done. Having Tie National on board to handle the technology is not only a sound business decision it eliminates a tremendous amount of time and frustration. Our project coördinator took over every aspect of the phone and computer installation allowing us to focus on other important items.  At the end of the day it was the best investment we could have made!

– Jodie Creamer, Owner, Hand & Stone

The same care in design is offered with all installations. As businesses grow, their needs change. Sites may need to install more computers to support new staff. Digital signage may be added in the waiting area to bring awareness to new promotions. Whatever the need, our customers trust that our experience will help create the perfect design for their changing technology needs.

Tie National, LLC makes sure that your technology is designed to help your staff work efficiently at your location. Next time we will explore what is involved with Implementation with part 3 in our series.




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