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TIE’s Path to Partnership Blog Series: Step Three, Implementation

TIEs Path to Partnership Step 3, Implementation

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“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s a faith in people.”  -Steve Jobs

When you spend time building a relationship, you tend to take things personally. We continue TIE’s Path to Partnership’s Series with Step 3: Implementation, and discuss how partnership plays into the execution of the plan designed.

After taking the time to collaborate and design the perfect technology solution, it is time to implement and install. Making it this far into the process, any mistake could be a disaster for a new installation. While building a partnership between the customer and Tie National, LLC (TIE), TIE’s representatives become committed and invested to the project at hand and take every necessary precaution to ensure a smooth installation. For example, TIE has built relationships over the years to make sure that they have technicians all over the United States to reach their customers in even the most remote locations. Prior to dispatch, TIE identifies each technology to be handled to make sure that expertly trained (and when necessary, certified) technicians arrive on site.

TIE’s warranty promises certified structured cabling materials, defect-free equipment, and quality workmanship of the installation for up to a year after the cut-over date of the install. To make such a bold statement as to cover the skills of the technician who performed the installation, in addition to the usual warrantied items, shows TIE’s commitment to standing behind their work. To carry out this task, not only does TIE make sure that they only use experienced technicians, but for each installation, the technician comes ready with a Scope of Work that fully outlines how to make each connection and is in constant contact with their assigned TIE Project Coordinator.

Further follow-up with the customer after installation provides the customer with an opportunity to make adjustments to programming or positioning when applicable to meet their full satisfaction. Online training is also available to further ensure satisfaction and is easily scheduled online as are TIE’s growing library of User Guides and Training Videos.

TIE stands behind their work and has very good processes.  For example, surveillance cameras in one of my spas were not set up to record the angles for my needs. TIE worked with me to get them in the position I needed to record the perfect angles.

Because of multiple experiences like this during and after my installs, I can confidently recommend TIE for businesses like mine. TIE knows what they are doing and stand behind their work. TIE is a very good partner in helping to build out my business.

–          Jeff Silbert, Owner, Hand & Stone

With everything having been installed and confirmation secured that the customer is satisfied, one may think that is where the process ends. That is what many people have been conditioned to believe at least. TIE’s Path to Partnership however continues, as does our blog series. Next time, we will look into Step Four: Process Improvement.







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