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TIE's Path to Partnership (SM)

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin

Process improvement is a testament to the “hindsight being 20/20” saying. Everything is clearer after a project is completed. Only then, can you step back and analyze the actions and reactions to events that had occurred. Suddenly, your wheels start spinning about how to handle situations differently, how to improve efficiency through streamlining a part of the process, or even identifying and closing gaps in the process.

Tie National, LLC (TIE) recognizes that their success is largely due to their dedication to the continuous improvement of their processes. Over thirty years of hindsight, also known as experience, has transformed TIE into a powerhouse that delivers quality service, and nationwide technology installation deployments that leave little room for error.

Each customer is slightly different and brings new opportunities along with a new set of challenges. Each installation or service request made by a customer is essentially that business owner resting the fate of his or her company, their livelihood, and that of their employees, into the hands of their technology provider. Maybe you never put it into that perspective, but consider the weight of it. What business in today’s world can truly succeed and grow without technology to support them along the way?

Many technology companies are too large to offer a truly personal experience to their customers. It is just too difficult to scale that level of training to so many employees. Instead, they rely on what has worked best in the past and build up all of their processes around that as a cookie-cutter frame to use for all upcoming projects. It requires someone to reach high enough up the chain of command to point out a sever gap in a process to adjust the process going forward.

TIE instead chooses to allow their team to lean on their knowledge when creating processes, and get to know their customer and their business’ technology needs to best enhance the customer experience. Every step of the way, re-analyzing, and adjusting processes to meet challenges that present themselves. TIE’s processes grow as TIE’s collective experience continues to grow. In turn, Tie National, LLC receives trust and continued partnership with their customer base.

TIE’s Path to Partnership takes another step beyond process improvement. Next time we will close our series with Step 5: Continuous Support.