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“If there was a problem, Yo, I’ll solve it.” Vanilla Ice

I cannot think of a better quote to use to begin the last blog in our series. This perfectly describes our last step of Tie National, LLC (TIE)’s Path to Partnership: Continuous Support! Help Desk services are offered with just about every company, so what sets TIE apart?

Maybe your computer crashed, or your phone system is dropping calls. You have that moment of panic (usually after vocalizing a few expletives) about whom you need to contact to resolve the problem. Large companies may need you to go through an IT department who after a re-boot tries to figure out what else may have gone wrong. They then need to figure out if they have someone on site or if they need to dispatch out to your site to check it out. During this time, they may have called providers and manufacturers and possibly are going through their files on warranty terms and trying to figure when is the right time to go that route. Smaller companies who may not have an IT team may have to contact their owner, pulling them out of meetings or their vacation time on the beach, to decide what they should do next.

There is a better way! Imagine being able to tell your employees that no matter what technology is experiencing issues, whether it is your network printer or your handset for example, they could call TIE. Go a step further and tell them that TIE will troubleshoot the problem on the phone, remotely help when possible, and has the full ability with their Technology Solutions Program (TSP) Plus plan to dispatch without further delay or waiting for authorization approval. Consider the relief this offers your employees and the speed to which they are able to return to work.

Tie National, LLC staffs trained experts to make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf to get the troubled technology back up and running so your employees can focus on your core business. In a way, this provides smaller companies an outsourced IT department. Larger companies can expand their reach by enhancing the services that their IT department now provides so that they can focus on bigger things. The excitement of TIE’s commitment to Continuous Support in the fifth step to the Path to Partnership comes from the level of service that this brings TIE’s customers.

TIE’s Technology Solutions Program (TSP) is offered at two levels, Lite and Plus, to offer cost-effective solutions to best match the needs of their customers.

  • 24/7/365 Technology Support
  • Service Provider Liaison Services
  • RMA Facilitation for any vendor
  • Minimum Business Impact Assurance
  • …and more!