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The main threat to data security may be your own employees

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With so much sensitive information handled so regularly in any workplace, data security is a constant concern. Recent security breaches in major companies, such as H&R Block, show that even the biggest companies are at risk. Every enterprise business’s data security needs to be evaluated and improved. But where do you start?

Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report revealed that roughly 50% of all security incidents were caused by a person or persons within the company. Of that 50%, 30% was due to negligence, but 20% was intentional abuse of privileges. The majority of these intentional abuses were not caused by people in leadership or administrative positions (<30%), but by the average employee who had access to sensitive information. It is clear that the first place a company should focus on improving security is with its own employees.

The Dangers

Not every employee is secretly abusing their access to information, but the simple truth is that many of employees who have access to sensitive information because they need it to do their jobs. That can’t be avoided. That means that any one of those employees has the potential to leak or sell sensitive information. Add in over-heard passwords, misfiled projects, and private information left open in public areas and you have a recipe for major security breaches in your company.

Our Current Recommendations for your Business

There is no way to separate the employees from the information they need to do their jobs, but there are a variety of tools at your disposal when it comes to limiting access to any information they don’t need and controlling how they use the information they do need.

  • Dell SonicWALL has a variety of industry-leading hardware and software solutions for keeping your information secure. One of the most useful products on the line is their SonicWALL Global Management System software. The software enables you to monitor and analyze all network traffic so that misuses are caught quicker and easier.
  • Cambridge Sound Management offers sound masking products that are a must for any office verbalizing sensitive information. Sound masking equipment prevents employees from deliberately (or accidentally) discovering information they shouldn’t have.
  • Video Surveillance is a timeless solution to any company’s security concerns. Speco Technologies’ Video Surveillance Systems are top of the line. Whether is it innocent or malign, when employees improperly handle sensitive information, it needs to be recorded so it can be stopped.

External security threats aren’t going away, but internal threats still pose the greatest threat. By implementing non-invasive, preventive measures you are creating a policy of security that controls internal threats and strengthens against external threats, too. Please contact us to find out more about using technology to strengthen your company’s data security.




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