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The Key to Scalable Growth

Standardize. Standardize. Standardize.Standardization is the key to scalable growth, simpler troubleshooting, and faster deployments.

Standardization in technology, whether it is across multiple locations or just from office to office is an often overlooked yet critical element of an overall IT success strategy. We have been promoting the benefits of standardization for over a decade to our clients.  

Standardization is about planning and thinking ahead. Much like branding involves key colors and font styles; your network should involve the same discipline in how to program phone features, the software loaded to computers, the continuity assurance of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) at each workstation, etc. Having this scope laid out ahead of time means that new locations have a plan already in place for technology installations. Including details such as universal colors to identify specific cables, future troubleshooting will take less time allowing your locations to get back to business much sooner.  

Tie National can help your business develop and implement effective standardization plans. To talk to a professional, call us at (630) 518-9600 or e-mail sales@tienational.com. Michael R. Durante, President of Tie National, LLC Michael R. Durante President of Tie National, LLC    Migrating to the Cloud Migrating to the Cloud?As with any major update to IT infrastructure, migrating to the cloud will take planning and an understanding of its effect on operations. Will it make more sense for your organization to move only applications and/or software to the cloud, or the entire network infrastructure…? Know the questions to ask your team >>  SD-WAN Centralized ManagementCentralized Management with SD-WAN  Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) connects enterprise networks over large geographic distances to deliver an affordable cloud-based WAN solution that in some situations has replaced expensive T-1 or MPLS connections. SD-WAN focuses on delivering a business class, secure connection for businesses moving to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud applications to standardize between branch locations.

Learn more about SD-WAN >>     Tie National, LLC | 2280 White Oak Circle, Suite 108, Aurora, IL 60502 michaeld205.sg-host.comLet's make I.T. Happen Tie National's Core Services

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