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I’m a big fan. Tie National’s TSP® has been perfect for me every time!

As an owner of multiple locations, I invested in TSP® . I love the “one-stop” approach to have a reliable, fairly priced IT support team for my clinics. Prior to signing up for TSP®, if there was an IT or phone issue, my clinic operations came to a grinding halt; and while I had a local IT guy who was knowledgeable in computer equipment, he did not have a relationship with corporate’s IT group or vendors. Therefore, coordinating support to figure out if an issue was hardware or software related was a nightmare.

TSP® gives my clinic management staff one number to contact. They are available 24/7 and extremely responsive. They coordinate all repairs with experienced remote and local IT experts. I chose the TSP® Plus Plan so that I did not have to worry about an unbudgeted giant expense for onsite support. This is one of the best investments I’ve made as a business owner. I now have “peace of mind” as Tie National’s TSP® always has my back.