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Telecom Expense Management

Take charge of your communications expenses.

Telecom Audits and Asset Management through Telecom Expense Management (TEM) holds carriers accountable for the services they invoice and maintains records of your allocated assets.

Telecom Expense Management or TEM is the process of review and analysis of existing carrier services and onsite equipment with the purpose of identifying cost saving opportunities and eliminating inefficiencies. TEM can identify significant savings on your telecom expenses, eliminate fraudulent unauthorized charges, recover funds through the audit of communication services, as well as identify warranty expiration for equipment on site.

​Based on the recommendations provided at the close of our TEM process, you will be able to streamline your operations by reallocating personnel to focus on strategic core competencies, streamline payment processes to avoid late fees, manage your assets, and potentially identify areas where employee time can be more efficient.

​By creating standards with Tie National, risk is reduced by assuring corporate business policy and regulatory compliance, increased accuracy in expense tracking and reporting, as well as achieving financial goals through no-risk investment models.

We achieve these benefits through our 5-step TEM process.

Data collection

STEP ONE – Data Collection

The process begins with audits of carrier services. This involves gathering tax exemption documents (when applicable), invoices and customer service records and documenting all contract terms and rates. These are compared to true invoiced amounts to verify that charges are accurately applied. Services and contract details are further uploaded into an online portal for easy viewing and reporting.

Site Survey

STEP TWO – Site Survey

A site survey is performed to take inventory of services and equipment onsite. Survey results are compared to the carrier’s customer service record (CSR) to ensure invoice charges match the services delivered to the location. Inventory of onsite technology is carefully recorded and added to the inventory management area of the TEM portal.

Understanding icon

STEP THREE – Understanding

Tie National takes the time to understand how your business works. Our team will interview key members of your company to determine the number of employees staffed at the location(s) and how they use the technology on site as well as the overall workflow of the company so that we can better understand how data is communicated within the organization.

presentation icon

STEP FOUR – Presentation

After we have had an opportunity to collect all the data and unlock the ways in which your business communicates, we finalize our analysis for presentation. The presentation of our conclusions is the most exciting moment for clients receiving a TEM analysis from Tie National, LLC. It is at this time that they will often receive news about uncovered savings potential and hear the recommendations our team has prepared to enhance the efficiency of existing services or how their location can better communicate.

Implementation icon

STEP FIVE – Implementation

Our team can assist with your carrier disputes and inquiries, however if you choose to manage this on your own, our portal offers a view for Issues to help you track history for each account that you can populate to aid you in your investigations.