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National Technology Rollouts Without The Headaches


We have experience spanning multiple industries, so we confidently provide strategies tailored to your business.


We have a large base of highly skilled technicians across the country, we can handle any project you have for us.


Our teams are made up of techs, project managers, and leadership, all experts committed to your rollout’s success.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team handles everything from orders to logistics and overall management of all multi-site projects.

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It Takes More Than You Think

Eliminate The Headache Before It Starts

When you’re a large company with hundreds to thousands of locations nationwide, it’s nearly impossible to upgrade office equipment in each of these locations with your internal team.  

With Tie National, we have a team working with your team that’s committed to your project’s success. We handle all aspects of the project like orders, coordination, logistics, documentation and management of your whole project. In a national rollout, there are a myriad of parts and people involved, we have the expertise and bandwidth to handle it all.  


A Tried And True Rollout Process

Our proven process sets the stage for a long-lasting and engaging relationship, it starts with giving you the best experience possible. We make your experience the best it can be by making sure our coordination of resources, personnel, logistics, and more, exceed expectations, resulting in a project that’s successful, on-time, and on budget.  

In reality, no major technology investment is a guaranteed turnkey solution, so we expect challenges and handle them seamlessly with planning, communication, and commitment to the success of your national project rollout. Every business is different and requires a unique approach to technology, but our process is the solid foundation we build from.  

When you partner with Tie National for your nationwide IT rollout, you get a team of experienced professionals who work with you and understand your unique requirements. We help you plan and design your system and are there for you every step of the way! 


Our process starts with strategy development, creating a blueprint we follow throughout.


We get the best results by designing a custom national rollout plan for your locations


Collaboration continues to identify any technology inefficiencies that may have developed.


The best solutions come from in-depth collaboration to identify pains and define goals


After designing, we ready our nationwide force of 5,000+ techs to execute your rollout.

Training & Support

Arguably most important, we train your team for full adoption and continue 24/7 support.

See How we've helped others

A Trusted Partner With Proven Success

Imagine you had a national company with 18 sites across the country and needed a national rollout quickly. For most IT departments, an undertaking this large would take close to a year and likely be plagued by low bandwidth and overwhelm.  

As impossible as that sounds, we were able to accomplish this transportation and distribution company’s national rollout in just 4 months across all their locations. The rollout included cameras and a central monitoring system all while meeting the specific government regulations for each of the 18 sites.  

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