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Franchising your company is a reliable way to expand quickly. However, becoming a franchisor is not guaranteed success, especially in this challenging economy. Many business owners fantasize about their brand being a household name, with a network of franchises spanning the country or the globe. If a business concept is franchised correctly, it can be a terrific way to expand without investing as much money upfront as developing company-owned units.

However, many entrepreneurs don’t realize, or simply forget, that franchising their business requires more than a business plan and investors, and instead calls for many different technical considerations including technology installation services. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you should know before beginning the process of franchising your company.

Things to Consider When Starting a Franchise

As a franchisor, you will be involved in entirely different activities than when you were a business owner. For example, instead of selling pizza or fixing toilets, you’ll now focus on selling franchises and helping franchisees.
You’ll have to make a lot of judgments regarding how you’ll operate as a franchisor as you draft your legal documents. You will need to consider everything from the franchise fee and the royalty fee to the franchise agreement’s duration. In addition, what type of training program will you provide your franchisees? How will you promote the franchises? Lastly, will your franchisees purchase products or equipment such as business surveillance systems through you or on their own?

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Considerations for IT Equipment and Services

As a new franchisor, most of the items on your to-do list might be easy to check (like marketing, training, and promotion), but some things might be more complicated. For example, there are a lot of considerations when researching IT equipment and services. When opening up a franchise, it’s essential to standardize these services across all locations:

  • ISP Services and 4G Back-Up Internet Services
  • Outsourced IT Services and Managed Services
  • Complete Network Solutions
  • Telephone Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Sound Masking and Background Music
  • Cloud Migrations

Every new franchise location needs ISP Services, and you want to make sure that you’re paying the best price for good quality service. Also, service disruptions can cause troubles in almost every part of your business. For an effective work environment, an uninterrupted internet connection is essential. You’ll need a reliable internet connection and wireless backup for your business to succeed.

A new franchise owner won’t have the staffing to manage their own IT installation and network support. As a result, it’s important to consider outsourcing this item for all of your potential locations through a reputable nationwide IT rollout provider.

Additionally, all of your locations need continuous and reliable phone service. Every organization, whether small or large, has unique functionality requirements and budget constraints. You’ll need to find an IT company that gives you what you need across all locations without a hefty price tag.

It’s also imperative to have a video surveillance system in each location. A surveillance system protects your employees, your franchises, and your customers from theft and potential legal action should a crime take place within your store or office.

In retail, hotel, and leisure settings, background music is critical to ensuring a positive customer experience. The background music in a venue can significantly enhance the area and should be a vital consideration for franchisees that want to stay competitive.

A Cost-Effective IT Strategy for Your New Franchise

If you plan on franchising your business, you will find that working with a national technology company can save you money and streamline your IT needs.

Our support team at Tie National can examine your company’s operations and devise a strategy that exceeds all of your expectations. With a Tie National program, you can get the most out of your monthly plans with superior IT assistance for your new franchise locations.

Tie National can assist you in putting together an IT solution that fulfills your goals and fits within your budget. To learn more, please give us a call at (630) 301-7444. We look forward to helping with your franchise expansion!

Michael R. Durante

Michael Durante spent his teenage years into his early 20s climbing the ladder in a branch of a successful banking firm, starting as a teller and ending as a Sr. Branch Manager within 6 years. In 2003, he left the banking world to join his father and create TIE National, a telecom company 60 years in the making. Together, they grew the company from a two-man operation solely working on telephones to a multi-million dollar international business with employees in over a dozen states, covering everything from phone systems to cloud products and computer systems. You can find Michael on LinkedIn.