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Sound Suite is making its debut as a serious message on hold and background music option

Sound Suite is causing a stir among competing for message on hold and background music providers who charge additional fees for scheduling changes above a plan limit. Tie National, LLC (TIE) is introducing its Sound Suite portal as a packaged solution with a subscription price that includes unlimited daily changes between provided playlists and messages. TIE even offers an option to work with them to add music and messages from the business’ corporate office to match the branding to their site.

Professionally Curated Playlists
Sound Suite’s included playlists offer a number of different moods suitable for different types of businesses. Sound Suite features a large online library of music with new playlists added each quarter. Each of the 10 playlists contains an incredible 18 hours of music to ensure variety so that employees and clients are not subjected to the same material repeatedly. Users can rate the playlists and the individual tracks, and this feedback persuades the artists’ composition of future arrangements.

Complete Scheduling Control
Sound Suite puts users back in control to make changes when needed using a user-friendly online portal. Whether on-site, or from a remote location, signing into the portal allows the user to select the playlist and determine which on-hold messages to play including the interval of time between messages. Having the control for these scheduling changes readily available allows for maximum message targeting with minimum effort. Users can schedule something special for the holidays; provide timely announcements for current and upcoming promotions beginning at a specific date and time. Viewing a history of the scheduled changes provides instant accountability to the users having access to the portal.

Sound Suite has built-in generic prerecorded greetings and music in order to get subscribers started right away. After initial setup, users can have TIE upload music and greetings provided by a corporate marketing department to match their branding with voice actors they may already use regularly.

TIE’s Sound Suite runs in conjunction with the Nel-Tech Labs ILINK-2GB. TIE will install to existing equipment if already on site, but also makes the equipment available for rent or purchase. About Tie National, LLC

Tie National is Your Nationwide Technology Partner – Providing Outsourced IT Solutions, Managed Services, and Business Technology Since 2003. Their flexible services empower companies of all sizes to make smart and cost-effective choices for their evolving needs. End-to-end solutions are supported by over 5000 nationwide field resources, 24/7/365 IT support call centers, and long-standing manufacturer and vendor partnerships, making Tie National the first call for business technology needs. Discover the ways Tie National can help your business by visiting https://tienational.com/contact-us or by contacting a sales representative via sales@tienational.com or 1-630-518-9600.

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