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Small Business IT Support

Tie National LLC is a leading provider of nationwide onsite and remote resources for small businesses, franchises, and retail locations. Whether you’re opening a new business or overhauling your current IT system, our dedicated small business IT support teams have experience working with clients nationwide to provide all of the resources they need. Our team can handle every detail of your small business IT support needs including hardware purchases, onsite installations, and IT support maintenance. To learn more about Tie National and our small business IT Support services, contact us today.


Small Business IT Support Services

One call help desk support

Technology Solutions Program

Are you tired of having a different vendor for all of your IT services? Simplify your small business IT support needs by using our one-call help desk support program. We’ll provide all of your IT support services through our Technology Solutions Program. You’ll only need a single point of contact, so you can spend more time focusing on your business instead of calling multiple vendors when you need help.

ISP Quoting Services

ISP Quoting Services

Want to make sure you are getting a quality deal for your dollar? Our sales team will determine the services you need, and will have carriers put together quotes to present to you. All you need to do is choose one. The selected carrier will take it from there!

Network hardware and design

Network Hardware and Design

From purchasing the hardware to networking them together, we do it all. By the time our engineers are done, your computers will be “talking” to your printer, router, switch, UPS, and everything in between!

Telephone systems

Telephone Systems

Telephone systems are often taken for granted, but they’re an essential part of any successful business. Find the perfect telephone systems and accessories for your business to ensure your customers can always reach you.

sound masking

Sound Masking

Protect your customer’s privacy and stay HIPAA compliant with our sound masking emitters. Our installation team will place the emitters throughout your office to protect customer’s private information and reduce distractions for your employees, which will result in improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Background music installations

Background Music

Whether you’re trying to create a calming environment for customers or motivate your employees, background music is perfect for any business. Used correctly, background music can even increase purchases. Create your ideal office environment with our background music services.

video surveillance

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your assets and monitor your staff with help from our video surveillance systems. You’ll be able to hear conversations and view events using our user-friendly portal access. We can even set up cameras in multiple offices since we specialize in national technology management and installation services.

Front Desk Technologies

Uninterruptible Power Source

UPS Batteries

UPS batteries provide emergency power when your main power source fails. These batteries can provide invaluable protection during blackouts since they allow you to save your data and properly shut off your electronics to avoid damage. For the most protection, we recommend using one UPS battery per workstation.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Promote, motivate, and strengthen your relationships through timely and information communication.
Features: Interaction, authorization controls, design packages, & multiple player controls.
Applications: Menus, Entryways, Waiting Rooms, Break Rooms, Call Centers, Warehouses, Movie Theaters, Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Libraries, & Medical Offices.
sound masking

Sound Canceling

Protect speech privacy and reduce noise distractions to help achieve HIPAA compliance and increase customer and employee satisfaction.
Features: Slick ceiling mounted emitters, privacy signs, & zone specific volume controls.
Applications: Patient exam rooms, pharmacies, reception desks, open office spaces, call centers, spas, therapist offices, libraries, medical offices, conference rooms, & hospitals.

cloud video surveillance

Cloud Video Surveillance

Add an extra layer of security and keep an eye on your assets, client satisfaction levels, and staff performance.
Features: Remote management, export video clips, record sound, & zoom in via high resolution IP cameras.
Applications: Pharmacies, reception desks, retail stores, libraries, grocery stores, lobbies, checkout lanes, & break rooms.

telephone systems

Phone Systems

Communicate with clients and employees using new phone systems. Not sure what you need? Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.
Features: Hosted VoIP, speakerphones, unified communications, call queuing, voicemails, ACD, & accessories.
Applications: Reception areas, offices, waiting rooms, break rooms, conference rooms, call centers, employee workstations, & remote offices.

business network solutions

Business Network Solutions

Create a functional system that communicates between all of your devices.
Devices: Computers, printers, routers, switches, wireless access points (WAP), & fax machines.
Applications: Reception areas, sale counters, offices, call centers, & employee workstations.>

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Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business IT Support Services

What type of IT support services do small businesses need?

Every small business will have unique IT support needs depending on the industry and size of the company. Common services that most small businesses require include network setup and maintenance, data backup and recovery, cybersecurity, hardware and software management, email and cloud solutions, telephone systems, and ongoing tech support. It’s essential for small businesses to partner with a reliable IT support provider that can tailor solutions according to their specific needs.

Which small business IT support services does Tie National provide?

Tie National provides a range of small business IT support services including network hardware and design, telephone systems, cloud solutions, sound masking, background music, video surveillance, and cybersecurity through Guardian Cybersecurity. Our team also offers one-call help desk support through our Technology Solutions program and can provide ISP quoting services to help small businesses find the best deal for their internet services. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries and sizes.