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Small Business IT Support

Hardware, Installation Services, and IT Support Maintenance.

Dedicated small business and franchise account teams work with you to manage all details of hardware purchases, onsite installations, and IT support maintenance.

Tie National, LLC provides nationwide onsite and remote resources for small businesses, franchise, and retail locations. Whether just opening or overhauling existing technology, our expert small business IT support provides all the resources and technology consultation you need!  Learn more about out small business IT support solutions and the benefits of IT outsourcing.


Common Front Desk Solutions

Common Front Desk Technologies

  Page through this gallery to take a look at some of the common technologies found at a typical front desk set up.  
Uninterruptible Power Source

Uninterruptible Power Source

  Emergency power for when your main power source fails just long enough to properly shut down connected equipment. This is a key factor in disaster planning as it guards against data loss and the wear and tear on equipment due to dirty power or surges. APPLICATIONS: One UPS is Recommended per Work Station Computer  
Digital Signage

Digital Signage

  Promote, motivate, and strengthen relationships through timely and informative communication. Available features: interaction, authorization controls, design packages, multiple player controls. ​ APPLICATIONS: Service Menu Boards Front Entryway Waiting Room Lunch/Break Rooms Call Centers Warehouse Floor Movie Theaters Grocery Stores Retail Stores Libraries Medical Offices  
sound masking

Sound Masking

  Enhance speech privacy and reduce noise distractions to help achieve HIPAA compliance and increased customer and employee satisfaction. Available features: sleek ceiling mounted emitters, privacy signs to inform of the added protection and zone specific volume controls. APPLICATIONS: Patient Exam Rooms Pharmacies Reception Desks Open Office Spaces Call Centers Spa Therapy Rooms Libraries Medical Offices Conference Rooms Hospitals  
cloud video surveillance

Cloud Video Surveillance

  Add an extra layer of security to keep an eye on your assets, your client satisfaction and your staff’s performance. Available features: remote management, export video clips, record sound and zoom in via high resolution IP cameras. APPLICATIONS: Pharmacies Reception Desks Retail Libraries Grocery Lobby Entrances Checkout Break Rooms
telephone systems

Telephone Systems

  We provide any phone system your business needs to communicate. Not sure what you need? Contact us for a no-cost consultation and needs assessment (630) 518-9600. Available features: Hosted VoIP, digital, speakerphones, unified communications, call queuing, voicemail, ACD, and accessories. APPLICATIONS: Front Desks Offices Waiting Rooms Lunch/Break Rooms Conference Rooms Call Centers Employee Workspaces Remote Offices  
business network solutions

Business Network Solutions

  Network your computers, printers, routers, switches, wireless access points (WAP), fax machines, etc together to createa functional system that communicates between all devices. APPLICATIONS: Front Desks Point of Sale Counters Offices Call Centers Employee Work Spaces  

Check out some of the small business IT support services we offer to companies like yours below, and make sure to contact us to let us know how we can help!

Guardian: 24/7 IT Support PLUS Serious Data Security

One-call help desk support and enterprise level data security as a service, bundled together for peace of mind. Experience convenience and confidence like never before with our small business IT Support.

Technology Solutions Program: One-Call Help Desk Support

Do you have a different vendor for every technology? Keeping your focus on the business at hand can be extremely difficult when you’re running around trying to determine which provider to call when an issue comes up. We simplify your technology support by acting as your main point of contact when you need help.

ISP Quoting Services

Want to make sure you are getting a quality deal for your dollar? Our sales team will determine the services you need, and will have carriers put together quotes to present to you. All you need to do is choose one. The selected carrier will take it from there!

Network Hardware and Design

From purchasing the hardware to networking them together, we do it all. By the time our engineers are done, your computers will be “talking” to your printer, router, switch, UPS, and every thing in between!

Telephone Systems

How do you communicate? No matter the type of phone system, telephone or accessories, we can help with all of your small business technology solutions.

Sound Masking

Our expert placement of sound masking emitters will enhance speech privacy and HIPAA compliancy as well as reduce distractions; which will result in improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Background Music

If used correctly, background music has the ability to increase purchases or relax the mind. What experience are you looking to create? Our small business IT services can help!

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your assets and monitor your staff. We have the tools you need to hear the conversation and view the action from user-friendly portal access. Need video surveillance at more than one location? We specialize in national technology management and installation as well!

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