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With huge charitable foundations such as the Bill & Melinda Foundation and the Fred Hutchinson Research Center, Seattle is a leader in thought and home to many enterprises and small businesses.

Many companies forget to take into account the necessity of IT solutions to protect and propel their business. We offer top of the line IT solutions to all businesses across a variety of industries. IT services are essential and can increase the bottom-line for your business. It is our goal to help your company succeed by providing and installing the latest Seattle IT services to your business.

By staying up-to-date with technological trends, your company is able to work properly without being in a position of jeopardizing data. You can also lower expenses, increase productivity, and improve your customer experience and customer support.

Tie National specializes in project management, phone systems, computer hardware, national rollouts, and many other IT services. One of our IT technicians will be happy to discuss your technological needs and find a service that works for you!

IT Solutions

We are honored to have elite corporations like Comcast and DHL trust Tie National for our ability to provide information technology solutions that work and increase business efficiency. Our capabilities of performing IT services for businesses with hundreds of locations across the nation make us a leader in enterprise and corporate IT services.

Our mission is to provide Seattle IT solutions to enterprises in the area so that Seattle can be among one of the top cities in the corporate world.

At Tie National, our team of experienced technicians will discuss your IT needs and discover a solution that works for you. We are proud of our passionate IT professionals, as they are the core of our company.

Seattle Small Business IT Support

It is essential for small businesses to utilize technology and IT services. By taking advantage of the opportunities technology provides, you increase productivity and safeguard your company for the future.

Tie National works with companies of different sizes, including Seattle small businesses. Every business has their own culture and style. Our team understands this, and is dedicated to really get to know your company, so we can decide on the best route that will satisfy your needs. We believe this is one of our defining characteristics that other Seattle IT companies do not have.

Tie National has the products you need to help your company in the following areas

    • Project Management – One of our major fronts to increasing the productivity of your business. We perform on-site installation of hardware and other services.
    • Data Networking – This is crucial to protect and enhance your data, as it helps prevent security breaches. Service includes: data security, anti-virus, routers, structured cabling services, and TSP help desk services.
    • Phone Systems – Professional phone systems that efficiently improve your business communication.
    • Surveillance Systems – Advanced surveillance systems that allow video and audio recording accessible from the cloud and your mobile phone.
    • Computer Systems – The best computer hardware and other systems for your budget.
    • Audio/Video Systems – IT audio services that can handle your needs for professional background music, speakers, digital signage and menu boards.
  • Disaster Recovery – An often forgotten essential that can have horrible consequences.  We make sure you do not lose the online front of your business by providing data backups, battery backups, and emergency route-calling.

Schedule Your Next IT Service

Interested in learning more about how our specialized Seattle IT services can help your company? Call today to get started!  630 301-7444

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