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Tie National works with all companies regardless of the size of your company, making the benefit of using a managed IT service clear.  Using our support services gives you and your staff the time and ability to focus on day-to-day business, without having to get sidetracked by time-wasting computer-related issues.

Using a managed IT support provider can also give you peace of mind knowing that not only is your data network protected, but also your enterprise network strategy is in capable and trusted hands. Ready to help guide your company to take advantage of emerging technologies that keep your company data secure and your staff productive.

Scottsdale Small Business IT / Computer Repair Small Business IT Support

Small businesses typically do not have the resources to keep an in-house IT staff.  What usually ends up happening is that team members who know just enough about computer issues (or are just really good at Googling for computer problems) step in to help when issues arise.  The result, of course, is that this staffer has now been distracted from their regular responsibilities.  The problem may or may not be fixed afterward and employee productivity has been adversely affected either way. This is where an outsourced IT service provider like Tie National becomes your insurance that employees stay working on their job. With Tie National on your team, no one in your office is being split to try to do two jobs. You can rest easy knowing that the professional IT person providing service to your company is accessible and focused on making your staff as productive as they can be thanks to technology that works the way it should.

Tie National’s benefits extend even further when you consider our technology resources, the depth of our experience, the skill and the talent that you have access to as compared to that one employee who is trying to put a Band-Aid on your companies’ vital data.  As you can imagine it is impossible for one individual to stay on top of all the changes to technology we experience daily.  One person who likely has a particular specialty area in IT cannot compare to a managed IT support provider where you get the diversity of an entire team of skills, not just one.

Tie National has the resources to help your company in the following areas:

  • Project Management with national, on-site IT services and installation
  • Data Networking that provides data security, TSP help desk services, anti-virus & spyware protection, routers, firewalls, managed data switches, and structured cabling services
  • Phone Systems with packages that include 5 phones and unlimited long distance
  • Surveillance Systems including cloud video and audio surveillance and on-premise systems both accessible from mobile phones
  • Computer Systems including computer hardware and software, notebooks, laptops, tablets, POS equipment and installation services
  • Audio/Video Systems that provide background music, speakers and amplifiers, digital signage and menu boards and sound masking
  • Disaster Recovery such as online data backup, battery backups, 4G backup Internet and emergency call routing

Scottsdale Enterprise IT Support Services

Tie National is trusted by large corporations and multi-site enterprises to manage their technology and network support because of our industry experience and professionalism. We keep Fortune 500 companies like DHL and Comcast and other Scottsdale corporations running strong and secure 24/7.

Our most popular services for enterprise companies include:

  • Information Technology Security
  • National Technician Dispatching
  • Voice & Data Technology Roll-outs
  • Deployments
  • Consolidations
  • 24/7 Managed IT services
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services

 Your company’s IT services should be proactively managed by professionals who know how today’s technology works. Our team of certified technicians is ready to meet with you to discuss your technology challenges.  Your business and your IT challenges are unique and Tie National understands that.  We work with you provide customized IT service solutions that make running your business more simplified.

When something doesn’t work the way it should, Tie National responds with the same sense of urgency that the owner of the business would.  Resolving the issue and getting you back to work is our number one priority.  Superior and accessible IT support is available to your team 24/7/365.

Tie National sets itself apart from other Scottsdale computer support companies by going a step farther to be a complete IT solution. In addition to providing companies of all sizes with a diversified range of IT products, we also actively monitor as well as installing your IT equipment and systems.

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