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Being able to manage multiple locations from one place for your business is clearly advantageous from a technological perspective, but have you thought about what kind of tech you’ll use to make this happen? Tie National, LLC brings our clients’ cloud portal access to remotely manage on-hold messaging, background music, music on hold, digital signage, surveillance video, and more telecom expense management.

Changing Your On-Hold Messages

Statistics continually show that preventing your on-hold messages from going stale is one way to keep your customers interested in your brand. Even though many on-hold providers give you freedom to customize, they too often force you to keep the same message without a quick change.

Sound Suite provides unlimited daily changes to messages on hold whether it be for a singular site or multiple sites. Music and messaging can be easily scheduled online to match the season, reflect current marketing campaigns, or to end monotony for repeat clients.

Digital Signage Updating

It’s important to change your digital signage often as well. You want people to learn about specific messages within a reasonable amount of time. At the same time, you want convenience in being able to change it fast without downtime.

We can help with that as well! Through the cloud, you can change content when it’s necessary to suit special events or holidays. Once again, this can occur from afar so you don’t have to travel to every business site to make this happen.

Remote Viewing of Surveillance Video

Your current surveillance video system may force you to visit all your businesses in person just to view live or past footage. For more convenience, we provide remote viewing for surveillance using NVR technology.

When you’re concerned about your business’s security, you can go online on your smart phone and view what’s going on. This includes reviewing past footage in the event you had a crime take place on one of the grounds.

TEM Management

Through telecom expense management, you can manage your entire phone systems through a third-party to take the pressure off you and youraccounting team. Through another portal, you can get access to data when you need it.

Keeping on top of this and your other above devices can help you focus on maintaining general operations without serious interruptions. Technology should always work seamlessly when running a company, and our aim is to make that happen through the latest advancements.