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Project Management Services

At Tie National we understand that Project Management services are more than just tools, metrics and processes. It’s about the people and working closely with them to reach goals that meet or even better, exceed the project’s requirements. Reliable and competent project management is key to the success of any project.  We work directly with your in-house team and your vendors to get the job done on time. Our project management services and IT professionals have the skills to monitor the details while not losing sight of the big picture and ultimate goal of your technology rollout or project. We take into consideration the overall scope and details of your project, your budget, and experience when evaluating and designing solutions for our clients.

Tie National Project Management

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Check out some of the services we offer to businesses like yours below.

National On-Site Installation

A nation-wide technology roll-out is a big project with potentially thousands of moving parts. Your Tie National project manager has the skills and experience to manage the orders, schedules, interactions and goals of your project. The project manager will monitor all of the details while not losing sight of the big picture and ultimate goal of the technology rollout.  All while keeping you and your team in the loop.

Industry Specific Account Coordinator

Tie National has experience working with many different industries such as healthcare, government, transportation and more.  Each industry has its own special needs and requirements for technology. Tie National’s Industry Specific Account Coordinator understands your needs and works with you to create a solution to each technology challenge.

Installation Services

Tie National knows that in a large project there will be enough going on without adding to internal frustration and confusion.  We provide complete installation services of many types of technology and we work with your users to ensure a smooth implementation with minimal impact to your employee’s productivity.


Dedicated Account Representative

Your Tie National Dedicated Account Representative is there to help you every step of the way regardless of the size of your project.  Your rep will get to know you and your business on a personal level by assessing your technology challenges and by keeping you up-to-date, by managing your accounts, your orders and making your experience easier to understand and better for your bottom line.

IT Deployment Services

Company-wide upgrades of Computers, Servers, Laptops, Tablets, Software Applications, Network Cabling, Audio/Video and Communications Equipment can be effectively handled in days instead of weeks when you work with Tie National.  The faster and more efficient a nationwide rollout occurs the lower the overall cost of the project, the lesser the impact on employee productivity, the higher your ROI and the better your chance for a competitive edge over your competition. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about on-site IT support and installation services!

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