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Progressing your telecommunications solutions is perhaps a top goal for your company this new year, even though it’s overwhelming trying to make the right choice. As telecommunications continue to evolve and give features giving more universality, the options only grow wider. Technology like phone systems, and I.T. management solutions aren’t all cut and dry and ready for every business structure.

Your company may have unique challenges that only certain types of telecommunication tech can help solve. Fortunately, in the age of the cloud, a lot of these solutions can help bring your company staff closer together.

No doubt you’re already feeling the strain of trying to communicate effectively while working on critical business projects. With your competitors getting a leg up on your own ideas, you simply have to stay ahead of the herd.

Many telecommunications systems let you enhance communication with not only your staff, but also customers.

Let’s look at what’s available and what solutions could work best for you through 2016.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

The growth of VoIP in the business marketplace is exponential with a $12 billion industry by 2018. However, two different types of VoIP systems are out there that many businesses adhere to.

On-premise PBX systems are still very popular in companies and save money because of their flat-rate payment systems. It gives a way to get out from under the thumb of phone companies who still charge plenty of fees for a regular landline. This doesn’t include long-distance phone call charges.

You and your staff are likely doing more long-distance calls as your business grows. A PBX system is a good choice, though many companies are starting to realize the other choice: cloud-based VoIP.

VoIP services in the cloud still have plenty of room to grow. Nevertheless, the tech’s growth will likely be much larger by the end of the decade. It brings more security for your phone data as well, including better communication methods.

With the cloud letting you communicate from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection, you can easily conference with your staff every day. It means both voice and video conferencing so ideas about an important business project can easily get conveyed.

VoIP Phone Sets

Cloud VoIP helps you communicate easily anywhere, including on mobile devices. Yet, in your office, you may still want to use analog phones. Many IP phone systems even let you keep your old phones while still enjoying a digital upgrade.

Phone sets available for VoIP include corded phones, conference phones, speakerphones, and Internet-equipped phones. Some of the most popular phone sets are headsets with Bluetooth capability.

Unless your employees still talk on corded phones, they’ll appreciate being able to communicate without having to hold a receiver. Using cloud-based VoIP, all call data is on a computer screen for easy access.

Outsourcing Your IT Help Desk

Outside of phone systems, managed services bring vast improvement to your telecommunications. All of these work remotely through your existing Internet line. One of the best services is an outsourced IT helpdesk.

How many years have you had to rely on an in-house team, or be forced to call a third-party line to get tech help? An outsourced system works online so you don’t have to keep a help team on your payroll. When added as part of more comprehensive managed services, many tech problems get solved without you even having to call in.

Once a problem arises during a work day, outsourced help is easy to contact online or by phone, 24/7. They’ll already be aware of the problem without an employee having to explain an issue to a technician.