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Powerful Portals for Remote Management on the Go

Powerful Portals for Remote Management

I think you’ll agree that as business management gets more complicated, finding ways to juggle so many plates can become problematic without better organization. Fortunately, the online world provides many creative ways to make this happen through the cloud; simplifying business management to a point where business owners can manage technology through any mobile device.

The best part?

Clients of Tie National, LLC (TIE) can manage much of their technology services remotely from any web browser. For small business owners, this means being able to view their surveillance video or even change the background music even when they are not at the location with a simple login.

How can portals increase efficiency within your business?

1) Online Bill Payment: Convenient, Eco-Friendly, Secure

Online payments reduce paper waste and add convenience. With payments, online your check will never be lost in the mail thus reducing unwelcome finance charges for late or missing payments. Saving money and helping the environment? That’s a win-win!

2) SMBs with a TEM program saved 22% over those who didn’t (per The Value of TEM to SMB by the AOTMP)

Portal access to your telecom expense management (TEM), (also known as technology expense management) provides needs clarity to the charges from your carriers. Forrester Research estimates that “billing errors average 5% to 12% of telecom services budgets.”

In this TEM Case Study, TIE performed a TEM audit that resulted in a savings of over $996,000 due to carrier errors in billing, overselling features and lines that were not in use, and incorporating asset management that allowed the non-profit to be able to refurbish then reallocate their unused technologies to other locations and not purchasing brand new.

3) Identify staffing issues and peak call times for smarter management with Call Reporting

The best management decisions are based on facts to back them up. Through analysis of call reports, your managers will be able to increase productivity and reduce or eliminate busy signals by staffing according to peak call times.

Imagine the possibilities that become available in the hands of someone with initiative when presented with a list of callers who hung up? Rather than allowing these callers a chance to contact a competitor, they can be called back! “I show that you called during our peak call time. I am so sorry that we missed your call and am working on staffing better for this time period in the future. I hope that you will give us another chance to serve you today. How can I help?” Attention to detail and gumption = a positive and memorable experience.

4) Targeted Marketing on Your Schedule

We bundled both background music and message on hold into one user-friendly portal. With Sound Suite and our unlimited daily changes promise, your on-hold messages can be changed as often as needed to match your marketing strategy and seasonal promotions. Hundreds of hours of music can be previewed, rated, and scheduled to meet the needs of your business.

“An AT&T study once reported that 94 percent of advertising budgets were spent trying to encourage incoming call volume, but only 6 percent of the budget was devoted to handling the call once it came in,” said Kathy Powell, marketing director at Tie National in a phone interview with Small Business Trends. “Our product gives businesses an upper hand on this captive audience. Marketing teams can capitalize on this opportunity to add variety to their hold messages and schedule timely recordings that reflect their current marketing strategy.”

5) 48% of businesses experience data loss in a year. 35% of computer owners have never backed up their computers.

There are a lot of scary statistics out there about businesses failing to reopen their doors after a major disaster, or having no disaster recovery and a business continuity plan in place. Our cloud backup portal is one of the methods we use to help our clients prepare for the possibility of needing to pick up their business and work off-site.

Powerful Portals for Remote Management.

Tie National, LLC are business technology experts! For a consultation, please contact our team at (630) 518-9600 or via sales@tienational.com. We look forward to helping you use technology for increased efficiency within your business.




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