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Network Security Solutions

Everything needed for Enterprise Network Security, Cyber Security and IT Security

The data security confusion ends here. Tie National is the single source needed for network hardware and all of the IT security basics your business must have to prevent and recover from cyber attacks. Our exports can help to simplify your network security solution options to ensure your business has the best network security available for your budget and compliance.

Network security management is a challenge for small business and enterprise network security alike. It is critical to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape and challenges that BYOD and virtualization present to businesses of all sizes. Our partnership with leading industry experts makes it possible for us to design and bundle a comprehensive security solution to meet HIPAA and PCI compliance standards and secure your data from malicious cyber threats.

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Employee security training

Don’t miss out on the complimentary Cyber Security Training Tips below. It is a great resource for developing your enterprise network security plan.

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Managed Security Services

  • 24/7 IT support desk for around the clock support every day of the year.
  • Secure cloud backup for all of your critical files for faster recovery.
  • Network security vulnerability assessments.
  • Managed security and risk management reviews.
  • End point protection and device management.
  • Bring yourown device network security management.
  • Security in the cloud with web filtering solutions.

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Enterprise Network Security Solutions

  • Enterprise network security unified threat management.
  • Adaptive network security features and capabilities.
  • Secure cloud backup solutions and cyber security controls.
  • Secure cloud wifi and wireless enterprise network solutions.
  • Partnerships with leading manufacturers to offer network hardware, software and full enterprise network services from industry experts at a competitive rate.

​​We have the flexibility to bundle our services or provide precisely the solution your need. Contact our sales team to discuss your options today! >> 

Malicious or negligent employees account for more than half of data security incidents.

Are you including the right cyber security topics in your information awareness training?

Get inspired with this complimentary resource!

Cybersecurity Training Tips that Reduce Your Risk for a Security Breach

security policies Eight information security policies every business needs in their IT Security Plan.

cyber security training Recommended frequency of cyber security training and who should attend.

cyber security awareness Ways to keep the cyber security awareness conversation going and the lessons to stick.

compliance Promote information security policy compliance by avoiding this tempting mistake.

security awareness training