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Network Security Solutions for Your Business

Protecting your organization’s data is one of the most critical requirements for technology teams, but are your data networking security standards up to par? Today’s cybercriminals are more motivated and savvier than ever before, and your enterprise network security is up for grabs. From BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and dozens of endpoints to infiltrations that begin within, the information assets of organizations are always potentially under attack. The costs of data loss continue to rise, making it extremely important to create and maintain a highly secure infrastructure, such as network security solutions for your business.


The Cost of Cyber Attacks

The cost of recovering from an attack can be extensive, often crippling businesses for years after the attack is over. Whether you’re dealing with frustrated and mistrustful customers who lost personal data, or the direct costs associated with healing a serious breach, cybersecurity attacks are one of the leading causes of business loss in recent years. Global damage costs from cybercrime recently topped $600 billion, according to SecurityIntelligence.com. What’s even more frightening is the rate at which the damage due to cybercrime is expected to expand — reaching an unbelievable $6 trillion by 2021.

Protecting Your Business with Network Security Solutions

Gone are the days when you could manage most of your business technology on-premise, maintaining security professionals who were deeply ingrained in the knowledge of your legacy systems. Today’s IT departments are required to be fast and nimble, which often means utilizing cloud-based services and multiple integrations across your marketing and operations stack. It has become increasingly complex to protect your business from those individuals who would do harm as well as those individuals who simply make an expensive mistake that results in data loss.

Managed Security Services

Proactive managed security services help protect your entire network, filtering out the malicious web and email-based threats, providing secure cloud backup and recovery services. When you have a trusted partner supporting your security needs, your IT department is better able to focus on strategic investments in technology that will move your business forward and help you remain competitive in the future. Your users will appreciate a higher level of service and attentiveness than many IT departments can offer, as priorities are not split between break-fix and new initiatives.

Consistent Costs

One of the key challenges facing technology leaders today is budget planning. While you may be able to project maintenance fees or funds for new laptops for certain staff members, it’s nearly impossible to predict when you’ll need a major investment in technology upgrades or when a cyberattack will impact your operations. With managed IT services, your costs often become much more consistent and the high costs of hiring consultants when something breaks are minimized.

Network security solutions companies can be found in a variety of places, but a truly trusted partner is much more difficult to find. At Tie National, we work hard to become your choice for IT support desk, security vulnerability assessments, risk management, endpoint protection and much more. Contact our team to learn more about our small business IT support or network security solutions at 630-518-9600.

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