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Important Questions to Consider Before Starting National IT Deployment

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Navigating a national IT deployment is an involved project, requiring meticulous planning, open communication and collaboration, and consistent implementation. It’s fair to say that it is daunting, especially when you add the challenges of doing all of this across multiple states and time zones. But there are steps you can take to make sure this process is as effective and as stress-free as possible, such as technology deployment services. Entrusting your national IT deployment with an experienced IT project manager can help you streamline communication, plan strategically your IT rollout plan, and have an efficient deployment.


Important Questions to Consider Before Starting National IT Deployment

Preparing for a national IT deployment is a substantial undertaking, so it’s necessary to take the time for some careful consideration and planning before you begin. From logistical concerns to finding the best equipment for you, asking the right questions can help you have a deeper understanding of your IT rollout plan and help you make informed decisions.

1. What are you trying to accomplish and why?
2. How many sites do you need to set up?
3. What is your overall budget for IT deployment?
4. What is your time frame?
5. Is your timeframe realistic with your specific resources?
6. Would you benefit from some temporary help increasing your resources for deployment?
7. What kind of equipment do you need? What’s best for your specific needs?
8. Where will you get the equipment?
9. How will you store, manage, and track physical equipment during deployment?
10. What type of documentation will you need to properly guide the installation of this equipment, testing, and removal of old equipment?
11. Who will be doing the installation locally? Local manager? Corporate IT traveling to each site? Local IT company? A national IT company? What are the true costs of each?

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The Drawbacks of DIY IT Deployment


When you think about the budget you have for your national IT deployment, you’ll have to factor in more than just the cost of the IT equipment and the labor it takes to install it. Travel expenses such as flights, hotels, and dining can quickly add up, especially if your IT project is on a large scale and requires lots of travel.

One of the most important and often overlooked costs is your soft cost, which is to say your time. “Most people believe that doing it yourself is cheaper because it’s free,” Steven Weyrick, Vice President of Enterprise, said, “but your time is not free.” Installing your IT equipment by yourself distracts you from the work you do best and can lead to missed opportunities and decreased efficiency. This is where hiring a national IT deployment service can be extremely beneficial to your business.

While hiring local IT companies might appear to be a solution to avoid extensive travel, the lack of coordination and proper management between different locations can lead to resource and budgetary strains. The success of IT deployment hinges upon effective communication with on-site teams, consistent advanced training of technicians, and meticulous oversight of all deliverables to ensure adherence to established standards, which is why a company with nationwide reach is better equipped to handle national IT deployment. Local companies don’t have the same resources which could lead to a slower deployment at higher costs due to rework and inefficient processes.


The value of saving time on national IT deployment can’t be overstated. Depending on the scope of your IT rollout plan, you will have a strict budget and timeline, which is why it is so important to partner with an established, efficient company like Tie National which can help keep you on schedule.

Inexperienced companies often require a longer timeframe to complete deployments, leading to potential delays and using more resources than necessary. However, a seasoned company will have the benefit of experience on their side. They have learned from previous deployments and will know what works well and what doesn’t. IT deployment services can guide you through the project, helping you avoid costly mistakes and reduce the risk of setbacks, ensuring a smooth deployment right on schedule.

Train New IT Personnel

While local support can be helpful in coordinating schedules and providing technical support, it also means investing time and effort into training each of these new team members. This not only slows the process down but also will require setting up comprehensive training programs to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable about new technology and the deployment process. Consistency is so valuable during national IT deployment, even if the locations are states away you want to make sure everyone has access to the same information and that the networks run the same way. A national IT deployment service is the only way to ensure that everyone has consistent training while keeping your project on track.

Lack of Coordination

The success or failure of an IT deployment often depends on the communication and coordination of everyone involved. Take the example of implementing a new cost-efficient phone system. While there may be numerous potential gains and advantages to having this new system, if the switch causes any disruption to daily operations, management may put the project on hold or abandon it altogether. The key to success lies in securing local buy-in and maintaining open lines of communication through calls, emails, and avenues for escalation.

Countless projects have unraveled due to poor communication and inadequate planning. If your IT rollout plan lacks foresight, you may find yourself with new problems six months down the road. However, an experienced national IT deployment service will anticipate and mitigate prospective issues and help you build an IT rollout plan that can manage any obstacles and last for years to come.

Security Concerns

Security concerns arise whenever you are dealing with technology, but it is especially apparent when doing a large-scale project like national IT deployment. Technicians will require you to share your passwords and other sensitive information in order to properly do their job but entrusting your sensitive data with unfamiliar personnel opens avenues for potential breaches and unauthorized access. So how do you let technicians do their job while still safeguarding your critical information? A good starting point is working with a national IT deployment service that you have a well-established working relationship with. Rather than sharing your passwords with a bunch of local companies, if you work with one national IT company, you’ll significantly lower your exposure while building a lasting relationship.


Flexible IT Deployment Plans

When it comes to national technology rollouts, let Tie National help you come up with your IT rollout plan. Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach—we view you as a partner and will talk openly about realistic expectations. We provide flexible services, offering precisely as much or as little assistance as your unique project demands, and once your project is complete, we will still be there for you in whatever capacity you need.

With years of hands-on experience under our belt, Tie National learned from every deployment and knows exactly how to predict and handle any potential problems. Our extensive nationwide reach is a testament to our capacity to execute projects across locations, ensuring consistent quality and dependable service no matter where you operate. Contact Tie National today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your national IT deployment today.

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