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Benefits to Sound Suite’s Bundled Services: Message on Hold and Background Music

Benefits to Sound Suite's Bundled Services: Message on Hold and Background Music

If your business is currently comparing background music options, or exploring the possibilities available to you for how to implement an on-hold messaging system, you should know what services and options each of the three leading providers of background-music and on-hold messaging have on offer. Here at Tie National LLC, we believe that our comprehensive solution to in-store background music and on-hold messaging is far and away the better option when compared to our competitors Mood Media and Voice Solutions. Not only do our customers get more for their money, but the quality and comprehensiveness of our product outstrips theirs.

If you are shopping around, take a look at this in-depth comparison of each product.

Professionally Curated Playlists

At Tie National LLC, our playlists are curated with a great degree of care, offering a number of moods suitable for different types of businesses. Sound Suite features a hundreds of hours of music in our online library with new playlists added each quarter. Each playlist is roughly 18 hours long to be sure that not only do customers not hear the same song twice, but also that employees are not subjected to the same material again and again.

Our competitors add music regularly as well, however they do so wholly at their own discretion and without considering feedback from their clients. It is our belief that no business can succeed in continuously delivering a quality product without hearing what their customers have to say about its current state.

Complete Control

With Sound Suite you control your messaging and music via a user-friendly on site cloud portal and music player. You can choose the schedule for your playlists, set a custom sequence of your on-hold messages, as well as a custom time-delay between each message. The web portal also allows businesses to rate songs, playlists and recordings to give feedback for the next quarter’s releases.

Not only can users schedule the order of playlists and on-hold messages, they can be scheduled to particular times and dates to allow for maximum message-targeting with minimum effort. You can set your message on hold to play something special for the holidays, or for after-hours, or even announce sales and specials at exactly the right time. With Sound suite we urge subscribers to make as many daily scheduling changes as they need to, each without additional “change” fees.

Pre-recorded or Custom Messaging

Tie National offers a variety of pre-recorded on-hold recordings to choose from, and businesses can upload their own to add to their rotation to match their branding using familiar voice actors.

Hardware for Purchase or Rent

The Sound Suite system from Tie National LLC runs in conjunction with a Nel-Tech Labs ILINK-2GB messaging system. If your business already owns one, we can connect directly to it, but if you do not we also offer them for rent or purchase. Since Sound Suite is not a music streaming service,once a playlisthas been scheduled it is downloaded into the device and will not glitch should the internet connection become disrupted.





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