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Over the past five years, the state of North Carolina has seen an ongoing trend in tech-related jobs. The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, relies heavily on the tech industry to manage its day-to-day operations. As we continue to make advances in technology, an organization must have an IT crew to count on. You need an expert IT team that knows how to fix your problems, but they must also have the bandwidth to handle your infrastructure volume and get your IT problem resolved promptly. Unfortunately, most in-house IT technicians cannot handle such time-sensitive scenarios. Tie National’s Managed IT Services in Charlotte provides organizations with the support they need. When you choose Tie National as your Managed IT Service provider, we will be more than just another average outsourced vendor. We dedicate ourselves to building a relationship with our clients and ensuring your IT infrastructure is functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Charlotte Managed IT Services

Every day more organizations are making the switch to Managed IT Services. Tie National’s custom service plans include options such as cybersecurity, cloud phone systems, online data backup, telecom expense management, and IT support available 24/7. By outsourcing your IT support services, you free up your internal team to focus on more core projects and strategic initiatives than the day-to-day operations. Utilizing Managed IT Services gives organizations a more efficient and cost-effective solution for managing your technology infrastructure. Our most popular Managed IT Services include:

Charlotte IT Deployment Services

Tie National’s Charlotte IT Deployment Services ensures smooth transitions as you implement changes in your hardware and software. Tie National has the knowledge and experience to allow your business to have a successful deployment that meets organizational needs. With your IT Project Manager at Tie National, you can trust your network infrastructure is installed correctly by being meticulously checked and reviewed by your dedicated account representative. Tie National IT Deployment services rule out the chance of deployment failures by removing implementation inconsistencies among your collaborators. Our single-source IT Deployment Services team coordinates the process from start to finish and ensure deployment is successful.


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When it comes to managing your IT services, it is imperative to have a reliable network infrastructure that runs smoothly. An expert IT provider ensures your business has the technical support and protection needed by a trusted group of experts. Get in touch with Tie National today to speak with an expert Charlotte IT Provider. Call  630-301-7444

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