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Anti Virus / Patch Management

What is ant-virus and patch management? Learn how anti-virus software and patch management can improve company efficiency.

Carrier Escalations

What are carrier escalations? Learn more about carrier escalations and optimize your business with Tie National.

Cell Phone Management Service

What is a cell phone management service? Learn how this service can enhance your business operations and ensure your company’s security with Tie National.

Cloud Surveillance

What is cloud surveillance? Learn how this storage system can enhance your business operations and ensure your security with Tie National.

Cyber Security

What is cyber security? Learn how cyber security can help your company.

Data Switches / VLAN

What are data switches/VLAN? Learn how data switches/VLAN can help your company.

Help Desk Services

What are Help Desk Services? Learn how help desk services can enhance your business operations and ensure your productivity with Tie National.

IT Network Design

What is IT Network Design? Learn how IT network design can help improve your business.

IT Project Management

What is IT project management? Learn how an IT project manager can help you company.  

IT Remote Assistance

What is IT remote assistance? Learn more about IT remote assistance and resolve IT issues efficiently with Tie National.

IT Support Services

What are IT support services? Learn more about IT support services and optimize your IT infrastructure with Tie National.

IT Technician Dispatches

What are IT Technician Dispatches?
IT technician dispatches provide companies with fast, expert IT support by sending qualified technicians onsite in response to service requests.

National IT Deployment

What is national IT deployment? Learn how national IT deployment can improve company efficiency.

On-Site Installation

What is on-site installation? Learn how on-site installation can assist your company.

POS Equipment

What is POS equipment? Learn more about POS equipment and elevate your retail operations with Tie National.

POTS Replacement

(Plain Old Telephone Service)

What is POTS? Learn how Tie National can help with expertise and cutting edge solutions for your company’s Plain Old Telephone System.


What is SD-WAN? Learn how this approach to network connectivity can enhance your business operations with Tie National.

Structured Cabling

What is structured cabling? Learn how structured cabling can improve your business.

Systems Architecture Design

What is systems architecture design? Learn how systems architecture design can assist in improving your business.

Technology Deployment

What is technology deployment? Learn how technology deployment can assist in improving your business.

Theft Prevention

What is theft prevention? Explore how advanced surveillance systems can enhance and secure your business infrastructure with Tie National.

UPS Battery Backup

What is UPS battery backup? Learn what UPS battery backup is and why it’s instrumental in your UPS system.

UPS Management

What is UPS management? Learn why UPS management matters and how it can benefit your company.

Video & Audio Surveillance

(Theft and Training)

What is audio and video surveillance? Learn why these security systems are essential for businesses to ensure the protection of their property and employees with Tie National.