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Key Elements of a Cyber Security Plan

Key Elements of A Cyber Security Plan

As the number of businesses being victimized by cyber attacks climbs higher each year, it is becoming clear that just covering the basics for industry compliance isn’t enough to protect data. Unfortunately, many CEOs and other professionals lack more than a basic understanding of cybersecurity. Creating strong prioritization metrics and understanding the moving parts of cybersecurity help to design and carry out a plan that will keep your business protected.

Up-to-Date Anti-Virus

Reputable antivirus software with regular updates is a strong first line of defense against any data security threat targeting your business. By 2015, close to a million new pieces of malware were created each day, a number that continues to rise. Antivirus software requires frequent updates to stay on top of recently discovered threats. With Tie National’s, antivirus software is updated on a regular basis while providing real-time antivirus protection. This makes it nearly impossible for a virus to sneak into your system in between scans.

Traffic Monitoring

The reality is, at some point, a threat is likely to make it past your antivirus software. No matter how many firewalls and protections you build into your system, are not enough to stop a particularly determined hacker, or to prevent a serious case of bad luck as a new piece of malware slips through the cracks. One of the biggest threats to your company is actually your employees. Sophisticated hackers use phishing scams and other attacks to convince your employees to metaphorically open the castle gates and let them slip inside. Fortunately, traffic monitoring isn’t fooled by those scams. The goal of traffic monitoring is to detect malicious traffic as it enters your system, preventing it from doing further damage once it’s on the inside.

Protection Against Ransomware

There’s no cyberattack more immediately damaging to your business than ransomware. CryptoLock software creeps into your system, encrypting all of your vital data (including previous orders, vendor details, and customer/patient information) and making it impossible for you to get access to your records. Without specific protections in place against this type of attack and critical file backups to the cloud, your entire business can grind to a halt. Worse, this style of attack has become increasingly common over the past several years as hackers learn that it is one surefire way to make money as most businesses are desperate to pay the ransom to get their records and data back.

Multi-Layered Protection

From hackers determined to make their way into your system specifically to employees who accidentally open the door to malicious software, there are plenty of opportunities for your business to become the victim of a cybersecurity attack. Putting your faith in a single layer of protection simply isn’t enough! With multi-layered protection, however, you can run your business every day with the confidence that you are less likely to the victim of a cyber attack. You need to know is that your business is firmly protected with multiple layers of protection acting as a failsafe for each other to offer the best protection for your company’s data.

Immediate Response and Support

Cybersecurity threats change with every passing day. Staying on top of them is a full-time job, and no protection is absolute. Your business needs a plan in place to deal with cyber threats when they arise and reliable support that’s there when you need it most to help answer those threats.

Tie National, LLC can design a plan that offers support exactly when you need it:

  • 24/7 support for both software and hardware, allowing you to take care of any problems with your business technology quickly and efficiently
  • Reliable technicians who troubleshoot and resolve issues that arise
  • Security patch management which maintains timely updates and patches to reduce possible vulnerabilities

Contact us today to work with our sales team to design a solution specifically for your business.

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