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Your One Source For Responsive & Professional Management Of Your Entire Technology Ecosystem

Enterprise IT Solutions

Our nationwide capabilities and superior Technology Installation and Equipment Solutions make us a top choice for Fortune 500 companies throughout North America.

Franchise IT Support

We're the leader of nationwide onsite and remote resources for franchises, providing all the resources you need. From hardware purchases to IT support services - we can help.

Project Management

An experienced Tie National IT project manager meticulously plans your project, allocates resources, and preempts potential roadblocks on time and within budget.

National IT Deployment

Our national, vetted techs design a tailored IT rollout for your unique needs and ensure a seamless and efficient implementation of IT infrastructure and services.

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National IT Deployment Quickly, Efficiently & Cost-Effectively

Our professional IT technicians offer comprehensive large-scale distribution, installation, and configuration of IT resources, solutions, and services across multiple locations. This service ensures uniformity in technology and a seamless integration of your systems. 

When done by experienced IT professionals like Tie National, these services can drastically save your company money, empower you to stay ahead of your competitors, and effectively support your growing business needs.  

From planning and project management to installation, configuration, and ongoing support. Tie National seamlessly navigates the complexities of National IT Deployment so you can focus on driving your business forward with confidence and success! 

Streamline & Optimize Your Daily Operations With Tailored Managed IT Services

From Advanced Data Security to Telecom Expense Management (TEM), we help your company manage your network, systems, and hardware when you outsource your IT needs to us. No need to create an in-house IT department when Tie National’s experienced team can offer you affordable solutions that fit your budget so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.  

24x7 Network Support

Maximize The Performance Of Your Networks

Our skilled technicians can install, configure, and optimize your networks with Cloud Migrations, Site Standardization, Remote Programming and more. Our services ensure your networks are running as securely and efficiently as possible to keep you up and running, doing what you do best for your customers  

Hardware & Software Solutions

Get The Most Out Of Your IT Systems

We ensure your business is always up to date with the latest devices. From telephone sets and accessories to wireless access points, we get you the most out of your systems. Don’t worry about IT issues slowing down your normal operations, we’re here to take your business to the next level and the next.  

We Learn Your Needs With Consultation & Genuine Care

We don’t charge for our consultation services because it’s the time we get to know you and the unique needs of your business. When you work with Tie National, you get more than a vendor, you get a relationship. That relationship starts with a comprehensive consultation so we can make sure you get everything you need for your business to operate at its best. 

Serving With Honesty, Transparency & Passion

24/7 Round The Clock Service – We've Got You Covered

We provide all of your technology needs and provide you with the best support possible. Working with Tie National means you don’t have to worry about the increasing costs or overwhelm with your IT services.  

From applications to infrastructure, phone services to advanced cybersecurity, you can count on Tie Nation to take the weight off your shoulders! What else makes us the best? 

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