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A person with integrity is honest and has strong moral principles. This is a quality admired by many, and often sought-after during interviews. However, you never really discover if someone has integrity until placed in a difficult situation. The same goes for business. How are you sure the business you work with has integrity until monitoring their actions after something goes wrong? We list a few tips and tricks below!

Business Integrity: A Critical Component of Business Success

There are always ups and downs in any business, and sometimes mistakes happen. How your company and its employees react says a lot about who you are as a company and how much you care about your customers. Take a few of the most famous examples in history:

Ford Motor Company
A frequent topic in business ethics discussions, Ford Motor Company faced controversy with one of its vehicles: The Ford Pinto. Originally designed to create more space in the trunk, the gas tank was close to other axles and parts of the car, causing it to easily catch fire. After related deaths, Ford began voluntarily recalling the car in 1978. By doing what the company felt right, Ford was able to persevere and unlike its competitors, avoided being bailed out by the government in the 2008-2009 recession.

In 1982, several sealed bottles of Tylenol were tampered with and replaced with cyanide-laced capsules. They were then re-sealed and placed back on the shelf. In result, seven people died. Tylenol acted fast and issued a national alert, immediately recalled the product, and 6 months later, presented triple-safety-seal packaging for all products. The company disregarded the numerous costs with these actions and did what they felt was right to protect their customers, and in return, saved their brand.

In more recent years, PepsiCo has been under investigation, primarily in India. India is not happy that the manufacturing plant is polluting their environment and promoting unhealthy eating habits. The company is making strides to rebuild their brand by offering healthy snacks and beverages made with less sugar and sodium. Additionally, the company now uses smaller amounts of plastic for their beverage bottles in an attempt to be more eco-friendly.

Business Integrity for National IT Support Companies National IT Support Companies & Business Integrity:

How does business integrity affect national IT companies? Like the national brands mentioned above, IT Support companies are also affected with difficult situations where they must decide what the best actions to take are. What happens when you notice the IT project director forgot a very important step in your 200-site national roll-out? Do you disregard the fact and hope the project still runs smoothly or do you stop what you are doing, admit there was a problem, and fix the issue correctly?

At Tie National, the answer is easy.

We believe that business should be conducted at every level with Honesty, Transparency, and with all of the Passion of the business owner. We do this by partnering with each of our constituents; from our clients to the technicians we contract. Every transaction we handle speaks to our character and the character of those we employ, giving us the ability to bring superior Technology Installation and Equipment solutions all across North America.

What does this mean for you as a business owner?

When you choose Tie National for your national IT management company, you receive honest and passionate IT service. Our technicians are trained, experienced, and can complete IT projects efficiently in a fraction of the time your internal team or IT department could do so. If we make a mistake, we will properly fix it. At Tie National, your company is our company, and we will treat you with the dedication you deserve.

Can you really trust a company’s mission statement?

Although some national IT support companies have lengthy mission statements that are hard to measure or meet, at Tie National, ours is simple. We provide IT services with honesty, transparency, and as much passion as you, the business owner. Implementing these three characteristics into our daily culture, we can install superior technology and provide equipment solutions across the nation.

How to find a trustworthy National IT Support Company:

Finding a local IT company is easy – ask the businesses around you who they use for IT services. Finding an IT company that provides services nationally, on the other hand, is much more difficult. Trust Tie National like other corporations, such as DHL. We make efforts daily to show business integrity to all of our clients and are instructed to always do what is right for you as the customer. Learn more about our national IT support and services today.

Tie National: The #1 Choice for IT Support Services Across the Nation

If you are a franchise, corporation, or large enterprise looking for national IT services, choose Tie National! We have a nationwide base of technicians who are ready to help you meet your IT needs through national rollouts, nationwide IT disaster recovery, and a variety of other IT projects.

Learn more by calling today: 630-301-7444

Michael R. Durante

Michael Durante spent his teenage years into his early 20s climbing the ladder in a branch of a successful banking firm, starting as a teller and ending as a Sr. Branch Manager within 6 years. In 2003, he left the banking world to join his father and create TIE National, a telecom company 60 years in the making. Together, they grew the company from a two-man operation solely working on telephones to a multi-million dollar international business with employees in over a dozen states, covering everything from phone systems to cloud products and computer systems. You can find Michael on LinkedIn.