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Atlanta Managed IT Services

Atlanta is a historic melting pot of business success. Its corporate environment is huge, harboring sixteen fortune 500 companies.The area is ripe for innovation and success for businesses of varying size.

What is one of the biggest connecting factors of these businesses? Technology. In our current age, it is critical for businesses to have a focus on IT. This is because technology is constantly improving, and it is important for businesses to stay up-to-date if they want to be successful.

When your company is focusing on its technology, you can ensure you are staying away from hackers and not leaking client information, your phone and surveillance systems are working properly, and you are prepared if a disaster occurs.

With Tie National, your business is our priority. Our managed IT services protect every aspect of business IT for both large enterprises and small businesses.


Managed IT Support

Atlanta Enterprise & Corporate IT Solutions

Tie National is trusted by large corporations and multi-site enterprises because of our extensive and professional experience. Some of our largest clients include DHL and Comcast.  

We make Atlanta businesses a priority and provide enterprise solutions to keep Atlanta among the top in the corporate world.

Our team of expert technicians will meet with you to discuss your individual technology needs.  Our specialists are trained to analyze your business and find opportunities to make your business successful, leaving Tie National one of the leading IT companies in Georgia.

Improve your business with our specialized IT services:

Atlanta Small Business IT Support

We hear of corporations advancing in technology all the time, but we may overlook the huge importance technology has in small business. If you want to maximize profits, your business needs to be able to run as efficiently as possible.

Project management incorporating efficient communication, support, and data protection is essential to fully take advantage of your business’s workflow. This minimizes your expenses and increases productivity.   

Tie National has the products you need to help your company in the following areas:

  • Project Management offers on-site installation that creates an efficient IT process
  • Data Networking such as data security, TSP help desk services, anti-virus, routers, data switches, and structured cabling services  
  • Phone Systems with packages that include 5 phones and unlimited long-distance
  • Surveillance Systems including cloud video and audio surveillance and on-premise systems both accessible from mobile phones
  • Computer Systems including computer hardware, tablets, POS equipment, and installation services
  • Audio/Video Systems that provide background music, speakers and amplifiers, digital signage, menu boards, and sound masking
  • Disaster Recoveries such as online data backup, battery backups, 4G backup Internet and emergency call routing

Schedule Your Next IT Service

Call today to learn more about our nationwide IT company.  We provide a variety of services including Atlanta managed IT, Chicago IT Support and more. See how we can help your company reach it goals. 630-301-7444

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