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Is there anything scarier than a company which fails to adapt and change with evolution of business technology? With hosted services more prevalent than ever it is time to not only take a look at how your business can benefit from the innovations cloud solutions offer and how you can protect your business from potential risks which accompany off site cloud options. To get your research going I have included some links below including a fun clip from our cloud-based video surveillance partner, Eagle Eye, security tips from our partner SonicWall and fascinating statistics and insights on digital signage in the form of an infographic. With the arrival of fall it is time to turn over a new leaf and be open to the possibilities technology can bring to your changing business. From all of us at Tie National to your team, we wish you a Happy Halloween.  More Technology Solutions >> Michael R. Durante, President of Tie National, LLC  Michael R. Durante President of Tie National, LLC“Leaders think and talk about solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.” – Brian Tracy (Motivational Speaker and Author) Eagle Eye SecurityUsing the Benefits of the Cloud from up in the Clouds!Our partner Eagle Eye Networks provides an outstanding cloud based video surveillance system that can even be viewed from 30,000 feet in the air! Enjoy the video for a quick peek at what the surveillance platform looks like. Amazing Lash uses video for more than surveillance. Read the Success Story >> Network Security for Retail & Small Businesses in 10 StepsNetwork Security for Retail &
Small Businesses in 10 Steps
 Simple step-by-step IT solutions for small business in retail to leverage advanced protection technology in ways that are affordable, fast and easy. Get your copy here >>  Digital SignageWhy Digital Signage May Be Worth the Look Organizations are getting creative with their use of digital media from giant wall displays to interactive directories. Going green with digital signage does more than save resources, it has been proven to increase engagement. See the full Digital Signage infographic for more information >>  SMB IT Outsourcing  Tie National, LLC | 2280 White Oak Circle, Suite 108, Aurora, IL 60502

Michael R. Durante

Michael Durante spent his teenage years into his early 20s climbing the ladder in a branch of a successful banking firm, starting as a teller and ending as a Sr. Branch Manager within 6 years. In 2003, he left the banking world to join his father and create TIE National, a telecom company 60 years in the making. Together, they grew the company from a two-man operation solely working on telephones to a multi-million dollar international business with employees in over a dozen states, covering everything from phone systems to cloud products and computer systems. You can find Michael on LinkedIn.