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Reasons to Purchase from the Installer Instead of an Online Store or 3rd Party

IT Equipment

In today’s technology marketplace, you have plenty of options for where and how you purchase your IT equipment.

When your technology installer maps out a plan for your installation and provides you with a quote for the equipment, time and services needed for your project, you may ask yourself:

  • Why should I purchase the equipment from the installer versus shopping around?
  • Can I save money by shopping around or could it potentially have a negative impact on our project and cost us more in the long run?

These are both valid and common questions.

Benefits of Purchasing from IT Installer

Installing new technology, whether a brand-new installation or an upgrade, can become a multifaceted project.

Having the correct equipment on hand during installation can mean the difference between a successful and timely installation and an expensive game of catch-up.

You can help free up your in-house resources, save yourself time and money and reduce the potential for delays and downtime by making the decision to purchase your equipment directly from your technology installer.

Here are a few examples of how purchasing from a technology installer is beneficial:

Purchasing IT Equipment from Technology Installers:

Saves Time

Your time is valuable and there is a definite cost associated with it.
How much time do you have to competitively shop dozens or hundreds of parts that you may or more likely, may not be familiar enough with to accurately compare?

And once the price comparisons are completed and documented you now must place what is likely to be multiple orders with multiple vendors.

Someone must then manage and monitor those orders as they are processed and shipped.
You may also have to deal with stock issues, back-orders and even being put in a position of finding a suitable substitute to a part that remains elusive.

And finally, you must complete various processes including receiving, documenting, verifying the correct parts were received and then storing the equipment until installation.

While the idea of ordering technology equipment separate may at first sound like an idea worth exploring, it is more than just simply checking prices and placing a couple of orders.

This is all part of the service your installer regularly provides to clients such as yourself to keep things running smoothly.

Increases Accuracy

Your installer’s project manager is responsible making sure that all the equipment needed for your project is ordered, received, prepared for installation, double-checked and ready to go for your install date.

If something is missing or was determined to be needed after the initial purchase list was created, the project manager can take care of this without having to send you the product info.

This then creates more work for you: price matching, verifying, ordering and waiting.

In situations where someone other than the installer provides the equipment for a project you will inevitably end up asking yourself, and the installer, time and time again…”Do we have everything we need for the install?”

“What’s missing??”

And if you ordered the parts…”How do I know for sure?”

Unfortunately, chances are you won’t know – until the installer is on site ready to go.

The project clock is always running. Time is money to everyone involved.

If ALL the necessary parts are not there – time is wasted, and money has been spent.

Any savings you might have found initially are now out the window and unfortunately replaced with additional unexpected expenses and delays.

Creates Better Preparation

Additionally, having the products in hand prior to installation means that the installer can begin prepping the equipment before they arrive at your site.

This saves valuable install time on-site, helping to identify any missing parts and potentially saves you more money.

Ensures One-Stop to Success.  

The goal of your project, regardless of the technology involved, is to get it done and move your company forward ahead of the competition.

Working more closely together with your installer, as a team, is one way to help ensure success so that you can get it done and move on to the next project.

Keep it simple, save time and keep your project on track. Your installer is ready to help you make it happen.

If you need IT equipment installed, contact Tie National. As your nationwide technology partner, we can provide various IT products for all your technology needs. Call (630) 301-7444 for more information.

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