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Standardization For Scalable Business Growth, Continuity & Cost Savings

Brand Uniformity

From looks to hardware, standards are needed to keep service and brand image from one location to the next uniform.

Faster Resolution

When equipment is installed identically according to a plan, technicians can identify and resolve issues quicker.

Remote Support

With detailed installation plans and images, techs don’t have to be dispatched, they can make remote repairs.

Cost Stabilization

When a single company deploys technology nationally, a standard is implemented, eliminating costly guesswork later.

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Creating Efficiency, Consistency & Reliable Performance

One of the first things a business owner thinks about when opening a new location is how to replicate the look to represent the brand. While aesthetics help, it’s not what makes your business run smoothly from site to site. This is where standardization and your technology needs getting easier comes into play.  

Creating a standard gives technicians an easy roadmap to follow when installing equipment from site to site. Even what color coding to use for each cable. The attention to detail Tie National brings, makes each installation, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance easier. It also means the same employee training can be used for each site. Efficiency, consistency, and reliable performance, at its best.   


Benefits Of Standardization

It’s easy to see the bigger picture benefits of infrastructure standardization like continuity from site to site and easier repair, but that’s a “set it and forget it” type of benefit. What about how it affects your day-to-day operations?  

Having standardization in place allows for your infrastructure to work more efficiently for you within your business, having positive effects on your staff and daily tasks.  

It’s not just staff that feels the difference of a solid infrastructure. 93% of customers say they’ve been frustrated with poor communication experience and that clear and reliable communication is crucial in their interactions with businesses.  

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience and lasting loyalty due to clear and reliable communication.

Increased Productivity

Robust infrastructure results in efficient communication tools.

Seamless Collaboration

Easy collaboration from anywhere with efficient infrastructure.

Budget Savings

No costly on-site repair by implementing best practices early.

Standardization Means Security

Going down the path of infrastructure stabilization means you’ve embraced the digital and technologically advanced world we live in. In this age, cyber attacks are not just a threat to deal with now but are evolving all the time. This makes it hard to stay protected, which is why a secure infrastructure is mission critical.  

Compliance & Industry Standards

Compliance like PCI and HIPPA, secure protocols and encryption algorithms. 

Regular Testing & Evaluation

Post installation, in-depth testing, monitoring and regular updates occur.  

Tie National’s Standardization – A Step Above

We start our standardization process with a FREE consultation because this is when we get to know you and we wouldn’t charge for that! We assess your technology infrastructure needs and develop a scope of work that can be used to standardize all location infrastructure installations. As technology evolves, your operations need to run as smoothly as possible and that’s what we’re here for. We bring simplicity without sacrificing all the benefits.