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How Businesses Handle Loss of Power and Internet Today

How Businesses Handle Loss of Power and Internet Today

Power and Internet are essential infrastructures for businesses today. Without either, businesses must use pen-and-paper methods which are slow and tedious. Proper backup solutions for these infrastructure components allow businesses to continue their normal operations until everything gets restored.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Imagine a scenario during which all power is lost. Everything grinds to a halt. Customers cannot make orders, so they go to a competing business. Computers power down ungracefully, leading to corrupt, irrecoverable data. This scenario can describe a long-term outage but focuses on unexpected brown-outs. It is these unexpected outages which cause businesses to lose revenue in not only lost sales but also from wasted time, labor, and finances to recover from them. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solves this problem.

A UPS works by integrating a system of batteries which get charged continuously. Systems use a design based on expected power consumption for an interval of time, e.g. 1000 watts for 30 minutes. This means vital computer and network systems can stop processes and save data without corruption. 1000 watts is enough power to let a mid-level workstation with a monitor and printer to run for 30 minutes.

Another advantage of a UPS is their circuit protection and filtering designs. They provide valuable circuit protection by mitigating lightning strikes and surges. The usual measure for this protection is how many joules the device can handle. The filtering design eliminates extraneous frequencies and noise from power lines into the hardware. Noise affects how computer equipment performs which can lead to wasted electricity consumption.

The details about the functions of a UPS are available from CyberPower.

Network Recovery

It is difficult to recover from a drop in internet service. A loss of access to the website or email server means a loss of orders by customers. A loss of access to the internet from the business means halted productivity and possible lost sales. Having another route to reach Internet services gives businesses an advantage over competitors.

For a drop in website or e-mail server access, having a backup route through another ISP can restore access quickly once network monitors detect connectivity is down. It is prudent to consider this especially for in-house server equipment for CRM, ERP, and internal Cloud services.

One possible solution is cellular access. Using a smartphone as a tethered connection or deciding upon a dedicated data service from a provider can let businesses still connect to their hosting service providers and to their customers. It lets employees and staff still have access to valuable customer data from CRM suites so orders are still on-time. It also allows businesses to stay connected with suppliers and rely on their automated stock processes to work appropriately.

Backup solutions help to prevent businesses from losing revenue during outages. They prevent losses in time, labor, and finances so that when services get restored, everything continues operating as usual. Backup solutions allow businesses to keep moving when the competition grinds to a halt.

Tie National, LLC provides businesses with competent solutions to their power and Internet backup needs. For more information, contact us.


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