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Enterprise IT Solutions: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

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Today’s businesses are often highly diversified, which can lead to challenges in maintaining a solid infrastructure while the attention of technology departments is divided as they push forward on new initiatives.

This lack of focus on infrastructure is an inevitable byproduct of moving quickly—a difficulty which can be easily remedied by allowing internal IT professionals to focus on driving the business forward while another entity handles infrastructure maintenance.

Another difficulty lies in ensuring that your networks are as secure as possible, a time-consuming task that requires an ongoing commitment to research and education. Fortunately, there are many vendors who can provide outsourced corporate IT solutions and support services to help facilitate network security initiatives. Managed IT services can provide you with the support that your business so desperately needs.

Comprehensive Enterprise IT Solutions and Services

To create sustainable business success in today’s digital and tech-savvy world, corporations must partake in enterprise IT solutions and services. The most common IT services companies choose to utilize include network infrastructure, computers, and phone systems, multimedia and surveillance solutions, and telecommunications expense management services.

Network Infrastructure

From structured cabling and routers to cybersecurity and patches, the infrastructure of your network truly is the backbone of your business. The ability to quickly and easily access data regardless of your physical location is expected. Without the right backup and recovery procedures in place, your business can experience catastrophic losses.

At Tie National, we provide network infrastructure solutions for businesses with a variety of needs and business functions. We can provide you with everything you need to ensure your systems don’t fail, leaving you scrambling to fulfill orders or carry out other necessary business tasks.

Due to our national reach, we can standardize all of your location infrastructure installations, so you only need to deal with one point of contact and can guarantee seamless access to company resources no matter the location. We even offer network security solutions as part of a full suite of managed IT services.

In addition, emergency call routing and help desk services provide an added level of enterprise IT support when you need it most.

Computers and Phone Systems

Installation of business phone systems and computers is just the start of what needs to be done when you’re running a business. Maintaining, logging, and auditing your computers and phone systems can be a chore—not to mention taking a lot of time to provide support to your staff. If your company needs reliable IT services that can keep your phone and computer systems up and running so that you can focus on other important tasks, you need Tie National.

With enterprise IT solutions, our professionals will provide:

  • Computers, tablets, and POS systems
  • On-premises and cloud-based phone systems
  • Fiber / broadband / wireless / 4G and cell phone management
  • Installation services, remote assistance, and help desk with 24/7 support

With these solutions in place, your teams are free to innovate, leveraging internal IT business leaders and staff for new and exciting projects.

Surveillance Solutions

Many business owners don’t consider everything that goes into installing and maintaining business surveillance systems until there is an issue, but correctly setting up surveillance cameras is an important piece of operating any comprehensive security system. Simply seeing a video camera as a part of your security suite is enough to deter many would-be felons, who will move along looking for an easier location to pursue.

You can readily protect the safety of your staff and visitors with high-quality corporate video and audio surveillance systems, adding a level of comfort for employees in today’s uncertain times. Tie National also provides the latest technology with our smartphone app, which allows you to remotely manage your cloud or on-premises security solutions.

Telecom Expense Management

A key component of any good enterprise IT system is expense auditing. With our telecom expense management service, Tie National can track your telecom expenses to find opportunities for cost reduction. We do this by reviewing and analyzing existing carrier services to find inefficiencies.

Issues that often creep up on companies unawares include unauthorized charges, charges for phone lines that are no longer in use, and exorbitant data fees. Telecom Expense Management can also identify warranty expiration for equipment as well as evaluate cost savings to be had from switching to another plan.

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