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Corporate & Enterprise IT Solutions

IT Services for Corporations & Enterprises

Since 2003, TIE National has been the single source for corporate IT solutions. Enterprise IT teams outsource IT services and support to Tie for services such as information security, national technician dispatching, voice and data technology roll-outs, deployments, consolidations and managed IT services. Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment and nationwide remote and onsite services grows every year to meet the needs of our clients of large corporations and multi-site enterprises.

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infrastructure and standardization


With a free technology consultation, we can assess your IT needs and develop a scope of work that can be used to standardize all location infrastructure installations. Our reach makes us the perfect national vendor for your technology installation services needs.

network installation services


Get connected with network installation services from Tie National, LLC and monitor your network with our complete managed services featuring unlimited remote support; we provide corporate IT solutions and the professionals you need to make it happen.

nationwide dispatching


From structured cabling to network infrastructure, our nationwide IT services include technicians who are available nationwide for the onsite installation services you need before you open your doors for business.  We also provide IT support maintenance you need after you are up and running.

save money with Tie National

Professional Cable Management Services

Expert cabling for long term performance

Precision cable management keeps your communications room organized and neat but the advantages supersede the aesthetics.  Structured cabling protects your investment, often increasing the lifespan and performance.

  • Increased airflow reduces cooling and power expenses, improving safety
  • Organized design reduces maintenance, repair, and installation time

  • Reduced signal interference by separating power and data cables

  • Protects the cables from damage from bends, sharp edges, crack and high heat

Corporate IT Solutions

Contact us to discuss your current IT challenges and upcoming projects. Our experts will work with you to determine how we can partner with your IT team for a successful result.

IT Consultation

Our team expertly partners with your business to find the most affordable and efficient means to tackle any project and installation. Together we can craft a customized course of action that is sure to lead to success.

ISP Quoting Services

Want to make sure you are getting a quality deal for your dollar? Our sales team will determine the services you need, and will have carriers put together quotes to present to you. All you need to do is choose one. The selected carrier will take it from there!

Outsourced IT Services

Is your IT team so buried under service issues that they can’t get to the big projects you hired them for? We can help! We act as the main point of contact, freeing up your IT team to focus on the critical technology concerns.

Managed Services

Looking for managed IT services? We can help you monitor your network and offer 24/7 remote computer support so that you can focus on your core business with the assurance that our team have your back.

Comprehensive Enterprise Network Solutions

From purchasing the hardware, installation and then networking them together, we do it all. By the time our engineers and onsite technicians are done, your location will be well connected!

enterprise network solutons

Cable Management

Preventative maintenance includes cleaning up your comm room for maximum system performance. Our technicians will test and organize your cables to avoid risk of damage and malfunction and are available for rack and stack services when requested.

Telephone Systems

How do you communicate? No matter the type of phone system, telephones or accessories, we can source it!

Telecom Expense Management

Do you know what you’re actually paying for? Carriers often have errors within their invoices and service records. Let us compare your onsite services to what your carrier charges every month with a site survey and telecom audit. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the credits that we acquire after disputing the discrepancies.

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your assets and monitor your staff. We have the tools you need to hear the conversation and view the action.

Sound Masking

Our expert placement of sound masking emitters will enhance speech privacy and HIPAA compliancy as well as reduce distractions; which will result in improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Background Music

When used correctly, background music has the ability to increase productivity or soothe anxious customers. What experience are you looking to create? We can help!

Cloud Migrations

Converting systems over to a hosted environment can be tricky. Contact our experts for help managing all the precise coordination needed onsite and remotely for your migration to the cloud.

DHL case study


Enhanced Onsite Efficiency for DHL Express

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