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Eagle Eye Networks: Cloud Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras have become common for businesses and are a key factor in business security. The video surveillance systems from Eagle Eye Networks are well-known, trusted, and equipped with the latest technology to provide you with peace of mind. Eagle Eye security cameras allow you to monitor your business operations with systems that provide real-time footage of your office. You can view this live footage at home, while traveling, and with smart devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. These surveillance systems make it easy to ensure your business is safe and secure while you’re not in the office.

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Installing Your Eagle Eye Security Cameras

Are you interested in installing Eagle Eye cameras at your business locations? Tie National provides national on-site IT services including security camera installations and complete rollout processes. Whether your company has its own IT department or not, our team of nationwide technicians can quickly install your Eagle Eye security cameras while teaching your team how to use their new software.

Tie National: A Top-Rated Eagle Eye Networks Provider

As one of the largest partners with Eagle Eye Networks, you can trust Tie National to install all of the necessary components of your new Eagle Eye surveillance systems. After installation, we train the store owner/manager on how to find the login, how to use the software, and how to use the app. We take our training seriously because we want to ensure you know how to properly use your new Eagle Eye security cameras. We’ve worked hard to develop a strong reputation and were proud to be awarded a recent Regional Dealer of the Year award from Eagle Eye Networks. Learn more about some of our previous rollout programs below:

Eagle Eye Stats
Eagle Eye Stats

Eagle Eye Cameras & Products

Eagle Eye cameras are available with a few different options, and our Eagle Eye tech support specialists can help you choose the best option for your business. If you already have security cameras installed, you may be able to connect the monitoring software directly to your digital IP surveillance cameras. Learn more about Eagle Eye Networks’ camera compatibility and how it could save you money on installation costs.

Benefits of Eagle Eye Networks?

Eagle Eye security cameras are the top choice for franchises or companies with several locations. Through one login, as the store owner or manager, you can watch and listen to multiple sites at once. You decide who has access to your camera system. An Eagle Eye tech support specialist will show you how to assign managers specific access on a site by site or camera by camera basis. If a manager moves on, accounts can be deleted or modified. Alerts will be sent via text message (to the phone number of your choice) to notify you of motion detection, loss of connection, and/or camera failures.

Nationwide Eagle Eye Camera Support

In addition to our current training and support plans, our Eagle Eye camera support team will soon launch a premium support package. This unique feature will automatically put in a support ticket when a camera goes down, ensuring your camera is back on quickly and saving you the hassle of putting in a support ticket. Alternatively, you can receive standard notifications if a camera quits working, with a quick link to contact dispatch yourself. This new type of technical support would also escalate the support ticket if a camera has issues after business hours. We are always looking for ways to improve the Eagle Eye experience and are excited to launch this new feature.

Eagle Eyes Network: User Training

At Tie National, we want our clients to easily access and control their Eagle Eye security cameras. That’s why we’ve developed some training materials to help our clients use their new software. Along with our convenient user guide, we have a selection of tutorial videos to provide you with easy-to-understand instructions.

Protect Your Business with Eagle Eye Networks Today

Our installation team works nationwide. In addition to cloud-based Eagle Eye video surveillance systems, we install other technology equipment as well. National technology rollouts are kind of our thing. We enjoy updating company technology and working with multi-site companies to ensure equipment is installed correctly, on budget, and on time. Below are some of the states we commonly work in:

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
Don’t see your location listed? Don’t worry – we are in the area. Give us a call today or fill out a form to get started. 630-518-9600

Frequently Asked Questions about Eagle Eye Networks

What is an Eagle Eye camera?

Cameras designed by Eagle Eye Networks are used in both small and large businesses for cloud video surveillance. Eagle Eye security cameras are used for security, store traffic analytics, and even employee training.

Why choose Eagle Eye Networks?

Eagle Eye Networks allows businesses to monitor operations at all times. Users receive automated motion alerts and can view live footage from smartphones, tablets or computers. Consistent updates give you the best coverage and user experience.

How does Eagle Eye surveillance software work?

Once installed by a certified provider, you will set up login information. You can watch and listen to multiple locations through one login. You can assign managers specific access on a site by site or camera by camera basis. If a manager moves on, accounts can be deleted or modified.

Where to buy Eagle Eye’s cloud based video surveillance?

The best place to purchase Eagle Eye cloud based video surveillance is at Tie National. With technicians located across the nation, enterprise companies and franchise locations can ensure a timely and efficient rollout for multiple sites. Tie National’s technicians will purchase and install all equipment and our 24/7 help desk can answer any questions you have in the future.

How to install Eagle Eye Surveillance systems?

Installing an Eagle Eye Networks surveillance system can be difficult to do in-house or on your own. To ensure all surveillance systems are set up correctly and on time, choose a nationwide technology installation company, such as Tie National.