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Nationwide IT Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery planning isn’t a one-and-done business exercise – it is planning for the unthinkable. The worst-case scenario.

Tie National can work with your team to define and document a solution, make sure the right equipment is in place and test your recovery process on an ongoing basis to keep pace with IT and business change. In today’s business world, even a few seconds of downtime can mean lost revenue, dissatisfied or lost customers, and missed opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. As a disaster recovery and business continuity service provider, Tie National focuses on prevention, data protection, and recovery. Our comprehensive approach spans people, processes, and technology to fully prepare your company for disruption, downtime, or disaster.

Small Business IT Support

Online Data Backup

The right backup services represent the first step in any nationwide IT disaster recovery plan. Tie National can assess your needs and create a solution to cover all your devices including computers, servers, tablets and mobile devices. With HIPPA-compliant online data backup, your data is stored in the Cloud and secured with military grade multilayer encryption. This means your company data remains 100% private, so you can sleep easy knowing your data is safe and protected from unauthorized access and prying hacker eyes.

Battery Backups (UPS)

Downtime and loss of productivity caused by power outages is frustrating for anyone, but they can be financially crippling for a business or organization. Every year, billions of dollars are lost due to downtime caused by power disruptions that could have been prevented by a strategically placed UPS battery backup. For a small to medium-sized business, you may be at most financial risk due to a limited ability to generate revenue during an unexpected power outage.

4G Backup Internet

Internet connectivity is critical for any business. Losing your Internet connection – even shortly – can be disruptive. Tie National can help you minimize an Internet or network disruption by adding 4G Internet backup access as a backup to your regular Internet connection in your office. Keeping you online until your regular Internet service returns.

24/7 Help Desk Services

Business never sleeps. And with Tie National’s 24/7 help desk support and remote assistance – neither do we. Having the best technology is great but keeping it working and your employees productive is even better. Tie National stands ready to help with remote IT assistance and technology support, ongoing proactive IT management services for your enterprise and carrier support escalations for those times when you lose your connection to phones and the Internet.

For nationwide IT disaster recovery and prevention that you can count on, trust Tie National! Call now for more information. 630.301.7444

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