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National IT Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery planning isn’t a one-and-done business exercise – it is planning for the unthinkable. The worst-case scenario. Tie National works with your team to define and document a solution, make sure the right equipment is in place and test your recovery process on an ongoing basis to keep pace with IT and business change. 

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As a disaster recovery and business continuity service provider, Tie National focuses on prevention, data protection, and recovery.

Knowing is everything

Key aspect to disaster recovery Planning

A disaster recovery plan isn’t just something you whip up, there’s a lot that needs to be considered to ensure you’re as prepared as possible in the event of a disaster, manmade or natural, and while you’re dealing with equipment failure and data loss. While there are more than a few steps to creating a good strategy, there are a few that really stand out as key steps.  

Keeping your data securely in the cloud saves you money and gives you faster access to your data quickly when time is of the essence.

Analyze potential disaster types based on your location and utilize demonstration testing to play out possible scenarios to prepare for a disaster.

Find a trustworthy expert to help guide you toward the right choices and provide an unbiased opinion during testing to get you better prepared.

Avoid potential plan failure

Plans can go wrong if they don’t start off strong. By avoiding some common mistakes, you can launch a successful disaster recovery plan that gives you and your team confidence.  

Too Complicated 

Disaster plans are inherently complex but the second they become overly complex, your plan becomes confusing, muddled, and inefficient. 

Uninformed Employees 

If a plan isn’t implemented company wide, it can be doomed to fail. Ensure employees are properly informed and properly trained in protocols.  

Forgotten & Outdated 

Just creating a plan and then letting it sit without testing or updating will never work. By testing and updating, you can find areas of improvement. 

Weak Backup Plan 

Backup planning is critical to the success of a disaster recovery plan. Do your backup servers or other components have the appropriate capacity? 

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