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Data Security: Are you as protected as you think you are?

Data Security: Are you as protected as you think you are?

When it comes to Internet security and the rate at which technology is advancing, it is important to understand the level of protection your business really has. How safe is the data you store in your computer network and what would a potential hacker do with this information? Many business owners believe they are safe from these types of attacks, but that is far from the reality of the situation. It is possible that your business is not as protected as it should be.

How easy is it to break through encryption?

You have likely heard it said that using encryption makes it very difficult for anyone to get unauthorized access to sensitive data in your computer. Encryption is defined as a complex mathematical equation that helps keep outsiders from accessing documents. Usually, in encryption, there is a key. One of the easiest ways for a hacker to access the information you have is to steal the key. A malicious intruder could also simply input random words into a password and field in an attempt to get the one you are most likely to use. A hacker can hash the most common words and look for matches in the database. In the worst-case scenario, a hacker could try to use every key to find a match to unlock a password. Breaking through encryption, depending on the type, can either be very easy or quite difficult. This often depends on the technical skills of the hacker and the tools being used. The crucial factor to note here is that encryption is possible to get through.

What information are hackers looking for and how do they use it?

Typically, when someone hacks a business, they are looking for one thing: personal data. They are trying to gather as much information about your company and your customers. They want names, addresses, phone numbers, and especially credit card numbers. They can use this information to commit identity theft or credit card fraud. They may also sell this information to other criminals who have similar intentions. The more personal and sensitive your data, the more profitable the information will be to potential intruders.

Why do hackers target small businesses; wouldn’t the large businesses be a bigger payout?

Like the name suggests, small businesses are small in nature and usually lack enough resources to protect themselves from hackers. According to recent statistics, most of the data breaches that happen against businesses, occur in companies that have less than 100 employees. The amount of money used to recover from these hacks is enough to cripple the business. The reason hackers target small businesses is that they are very important to the larger economy. Small businesses are also less prepared for the hack and they lack the infrastructure to place the right protection measures to invest in protection against data theft.

Isn’t my antivirus enough?

Firewalls and antivirus software provides limited protection against some attacks. They are primarily only useful for protection against worms and viruses. They generally lack the ability to protect against a serious attack or hacker. The antivirus will usually detect about half of the viruses sent their way. With how fast technology is advancing, one may find that the antivirus is not strong enough to protect against the viruses that are currently under development.

Unfortunately, there are malicious hackers among us. It is vital that you protect your business and your clients. One significant attack could be enough to push your business under. The good news is that you can get protection from Guardian Cyber Security.

What is Guardian?

Tie National, LLC created Guardian to be the best business data security solution available. Guardian includes a business class firewall and data switch to provide the first level of attack on malicious threats that try to get into the network as well as an endpoint layer of protection that can stop both treats that get through the first layer or that are introduced directly to the computer.

Through advanced threat detection and cryptolocker protection with endpoint security, Guardian prevents unauthorized encryption such as ransomware from entering the network. Guardian further references against multiple layers of virus signatures and opens files in a virtual cloud-based sandbox offsite before release to ensure all attachments are free from harmful coding.

Guardian is more than just a security solution, it is a continual health solution for your network as Tie National, LLC supports subscribers with unlimited 24/7 remote support with their Help Desk and real time monitoring of up to 5 computer workstations (more are available) with regular diagnostic health checks on the network. To encourage clients to develop a disaster recovery plan, Guardian includes 5GB of cloud backup for critical data storage to kick start plan development.

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