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Data networking

The Connections You Need – The Peace Of Mind You Deserve

From maintaining your current network to providing a whole setup - Tie National Can help!

Your business runs smoothly in this digital landscape because of the data you share and receive daily like emails, confidential company information, and sensitive financial records. The ability to share this data back and forth keeps you operational. That means you need a data networking expert to make everything work together seamlessly and effectively. Tie National is that expert and can help you reduce company risk and stay current. How? 

Commitment to You

We pride ourselves on our commitment to giving our customers the very best tailored solutions, being responsive, and providing comprehensive support from start to finish.

Utilizing Technology

We utilize our expertise and the latest technology effectively, proactively, and affordably to provide your business with the best networking solutions and security in the industry.

The Tools & The Know How 

From Applications To Infrastructure – We've Got You Covered

Our team of professionals have the skill and expertise to design and implement a robust and efficient network for seamless connection and communication. We implement solutions that fit your needs and keep you ready for the future of communications.  

Structured Cabling

We design, implement and maintain structured cabling systems and equipment, making us a partner that’s always there for you.

Cyber Security

Through firewalls, ISP, encryption, SPAM, Spyware, and Content Filtering, we maintain your ability to communicate and collaborate while ensuring critical company data is protected.

Data Switches

We install and configure data switches connecting your wired PCs and devices to your network, giving you reliable connectivity and efficient communication between devices.


We ensure you have the best connection and protection with the right routers in place. Your network stays properly connected and your confidential information stays safe.

Anti-Virus/ Patch Management

It’s not enough anymore to just load antivirus software on your PC and have your data safe. We have a comprehensive and coordinated approach for complete network protection.


If you’re still handling all your data on a mixed network, we implement a virtual system with VLAN segmentation. This gives you significant performance and security enhancements

Protect critical assets with Network Segregation, separating network resources based on security requirements
Restrict network access based on user identities, roles, or device types with Access Controls Measures.
Prevention Systems inspect traffic, detect malicious behavior, and mitigate potential threats in real-time.
Monitor network traffic, log events, and analyze security incidents using Network Monitoring Tools.

The digital landscape

The Need For Future Ready Infrastructure Has Never Been More Important

As advancements in technology continue to happen faster and faster, the importance of keeping up is at an all-time high. Let Tie National keep you safe from obsolescence with a future proof data networking solution

The cost to a business of network downtime is between $5,600 and $9,000 per minute.

Data breaches can cost companies millions of damages a year. 2023 averaged $9.84 million.

70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy in place or are actively working on one.

You Can Do So Much More When Your Network Works For You

Data networking isn’t just about security, it makes all your daily tasks easier, increases productivity in your teams, provides a better customer experience and so much more. How would your business change if you could leverage benefits like these? 

Work With Tie National - Keep Your Data Secure & Your Business Connected

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