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Simplifying Your Business Through Technology

We’re experts In What You Need

We’ve helped countless businesses simplify their processes and improve productivity over the years. Whatever your specific business challenges, we can find you a solution that fits your needs, and your budget.  

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A Helpful Hand 

Our IT professionals can assist you with everything you need from POS & Device sourcing to installation and support. 

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Get What you need 

Since needs change from business to business, our solutions are completely customizable for your specific needs. 

PCs & network support

Services & Support For All Business Sizes

Need repairs or support for your PCs or networks? Tie National offers a plethora of services to help you get back or stay up and running! 

92% of G2000 companies use IT outsourcing. 


Take the complication out of desktop setup and let the Tie National team simplify and streamline this task.

Server Administration

Helping you choose the right servers based on your needs and setting you up for optimal performance.

Remote Access Configuration

Enabling secure remote access to specific desktops within the network for troubleshooting or remote work needs.

POS (Point of Sale)

Your POS system is the heart of your business. Ensure its ready to go and in top condition.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Establishing VPNs to allow secure access to company resources (emails, files) for your employees working remotely.

File Sharing

Let Tie National make file sharing easier than ever with our cloud based solutions.

Wireless networking

Designing and deploying robust wireless networks, considering factors like coverage area, interference, and security needs.

Professional IT Assitance

Assitance where you need it when you need it

We’ve assisted many clients with setting up workstations, servers, tablet computers (and more) for optimal performance, security and functionality. Choosing, replacing, and managing computer systems can be a daunting task, which is why we have customized solutions to help you through it and any time you need us after! We make it easy to get the help you need! 

Assistance with sourcing, installing, and configuring of your computer hardware and tablets.

Fixing or replacing POS equipment – traditional, mobile, and cloud-based systems for multiple industries.

Installation service techs work with you to coordinate a smooth, timely, and affordable on-site installation

When issues can’t be resolved remotely, we send an experienced tech to your office to identify and resolve it.

Remote assistance for when you need help fast. We connect to your computer to find and solve any tech issues.

The Only Thing You Should Notice Is Our Exceptional Work

We know how hard you work as a business owner and everything you put into your business, so we make sure that while we’re simplifying processes for you, you’re not worried about us being in your way. You can upgrade without needing to find “the right time”.  

Minimal Impact

We coordinate with you so that you have minimal, if any, disruption to your business.

Excellent Service

Tie National is known for our responsive and professional service by expert technicians.

Leverage Buying Power

Save money by joining forces to buy IT services, getting a better deal for your business.

Build A Comprehensive Technology Solution & Be Ready For the Future

There are more than a handful of our services that go hand and hand and we’re happy to assess your needs and help you determine what you need most. Add whatever services you need to accompany your business computer systems.  

With disaster recovery, we get you the right equipment in place to keep pace with IT and business change.

Our help desk services allow your IT staff to focus on their important initiatives not answering questions.

We offer data networking services to keep your company data secure as it travels from device to device.

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