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Managed Services Articles

Business Scaling TIP- Partial IT Outsourcing for Streamlined Tasks and Projects

In a tech company, there are two major categories of IT tasks. Those that develop and improve your product, and those that support normal company processes like the Network Operations Center (NOC) and help desk services.

Impact of a Data Breach on Small or Medium Business

You've watched the rise in data breaches over the past several years. You know that your small or medium business is now no safer than the big corporations--and that, in fact, many hackers are choosing to deliberately target businesses like yours to find less...

Migrating to the Cloud: Expected Benefits and Transition Tips

Cloud based solutions are proving their worth. Companies can see quantifiable benefits like lowered operating costs, improved resource allocation and increased agility. You may already have moved your phone system over to VoIP but innovations in technology permits businesses to move other commonly used technology to the cloud.

Small Businesses Open The Doors for a Larger Data Breach.

We are all connected. More than ever before, with IoT, smart phones and all forms of internet communication. What infects one device can easily spread to all. Connectivity can be good, but it also opens up risks and raises cyber security concerns.