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HIPAA Compliance Expectations for Health and Wellness Franchise Owners

HIPAA Compliance within Health and Wellness Franchises

The wellness industry in the United States continues to grow with consumers flocking to visit massage locations, spas, and fitness facilities across the nation. The health and wellness industry is a growing market for franchises and while many of these businesses may not offer services that one might consider as healthcare, all attract customers seeking […]

Small Businesses Aren’t Too Small For Cyber crime: Three Cautionary Tales

cyber crime

While your business may not be sitting on millions of dollars in assets for hackers to steal, you still have items of value to them. Hackers are more than willing to steal small amounts of money if the effort needed to do it is low enough. And you’re also likely sitting on data that is valuable to them, particularly customer data such as social security numbers or credit card numbers that is key to identity theft.

What you should know about Unified Communications

What you should know about Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) has rapidly become an I.T. buzzword. From its gradual emergence in the 1990s to its current rise to fame as one of the most sought-after solutions to improve employee productivity, UC has transformed organizational efficiency. With nearly 80% of companies using UC, it is important to have a strong working knowledge of unified […]

What will 2017 mean for businesses in the cloud?

What will 2017 mean forbusinesses in the cloud?

The cloud is close to a full take over as the majority of businesses already rely on it for continuity purposes, for disaster recovery, as well as regularly updated and cost effective hosted solutions in place of onsite equipment that immediately depreciates…With innovation comes vulnerability.

Commonly Overlooked IT Concerns

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When technology works smoothly, it’s one of the most useful parts of your business. When it fails to run as expected, however, you can end up with a disaster. 5 Commonly Overlooked IT Concerns:

What Next Generation Networks bring to business

What Next Generation Networks bring to business

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a Next-Generation Network (NGN) is a telecommunications packet-based network that combines differing types of traffic — voice, data, and multimedia, for example. To make this possible, the distinctly separate service providers (the telephone network, the data network, and oftentimes the wireless network) have to work in tandem, […]