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Disaster Plan Articles

Why It’s Important to Keep UPS Units in Warranty

When you hear the word “UPS,” are you thinking of a postal carrier in a big brown truck? UPS is actually a popular acronym in technological circles, and is well-known by many IT equipment experts. If you don’t know what a UPS unit is, you may be missing out on some...

Roles to Assign in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Have you thought about who should be involved in your disaster recovery plan now that you're finally getting ready after so many years? When you have a large company, it's not easy to coordinate every department without creating confusion. As a result, you've perhaps...

The Importance of Redundancy in your Business Continuity Plan

The term redundancy is often confused with backup or copy. Although the terms are similar, the purpose of a redundancy is more than merely creating a copy of data. Redundancy aims to prevent any disruption of system operation in the case of a technical malfunction or disaster, thereby maintaining a continuity of service.

Data Security: Are you as protected as you think you are?

How safe is the data you store in your computer network and what would a potential hacker do with this information? Many business owners believe they are safe from these type of attacks, but that is far from the reality of the situation. It is very possible that your business is not as protected as it should be.