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You Need an Effective IT Deployment Strategy. Here’s Why

IT strategies

Do you have an IT deployment strategy? Chances are, if you’re planning to deploy a new technology, you think you have considered every aspect of the process and have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong. But when you’re new to the game, or are facing a much larger-scale rollout than your IT department […]

Everything You Need to Know Before a Nationwide IT Rollout

Nationwide IT Company

There’s a lot to think about when planning a nationwide IT rollout for your business, from security and compliance to compatibility and scalability. You need to make sure that you have the right partner with the expertise and experience to help you make it a success. Tie National, LLC is one of the leading providers […]

The Average Cost of Small Business IT

small business IT

What is The Average Cost of Maintaining Small Business IT? While it is necessary to have an IT team available for your small business, it’s important to keep in mind the costs that come along with this ongoing support. Your business computer systems need protection if you want to continue your work, but are there […]

IT Outsourcing for Enterprise Companies

IT Outsourcing

Many enterprise companies start out as small businesses and overtime expand across the nation. This growth takes a team effort, dedication, and consistent focus on end goals. More critically, business growth also requires outsourcing of IT services. Some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world, such as Comcast partner with national IT […]

Business Integrity for National IT Support Companies

IT Support

A person with integrity is honest and has strong moral principles. This is a quality admired by many, and often sought-after during interviews. However, you never really discover if someone has integrity until placed in a difficult situation. The same goes for business. How are you sure the business you work with has integrity until […]

Corporate Enterprise Video Surveillance – Hosted vs. On Premise

video surveillance

Keep an eye on your business. The larger your corporate infrastructure, the more employees, vendors and customers you have – the more important it is for you to see what goes on at your locations 24/7. Video security from software like Eagle Eye provides the visuals necessary to improve situation awareness, deter vandalism, theft or […]

SD WAN vs. MPLS for Business


Keeping the pace with standard management methods for wide area networks has its challenges. The requirements for scaling applications have become somewhat more unwieldy lately. Additional demands on networks leave many organizations struggling to keep the pace. Fortunately, there is a powerful new option, software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN). This new networking solution solves a […]

Reasons to Purchase from the Installer Instead of an Online Store or 3rd Party

IT Equipment

In today’s technology marketplace, you have plenty of options for where and how you purchase your IT equipment. When your technology installer maps out a plan for your installation and provides you with a quote for the equipment, time and services needed for your project, you may ask yourself: Why should I purchase the equipment from the installer versus shopping around? […]

National Technology Rollout – Keys to Multi-Site Rollout Success

When technology projects go beyond the local office, having an organized plan and a solid chain of command help ensure success. You’ve grown your company and expanded into multiple markets to better reach your customers.  Now it’s time to upgrade your IT infrastructure to keep up with the ever-changing nature of technology and keep your […]