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The Top Business Technology Trends in 2023

business technology trends

Staying in line with trends, especially in technology, helps you develop better data-driven decisions on handling your infrastructure moving forward. Events like the post-pandemic aftermath, record-breaking inflation, increased cost of living crisis, and supply chain disruptions call for more strategic IT decisions.

Understanding the technology to adopt and how to implement it is crucial for your business’s growth. According to Spiceworks’ Ziff Davis State of IT report, about 51% of organizations plan to increase their IT budgets in 2023, with managed IT spending accounting for up to 18% of the budget.

Besides inflation driving up many IT budgets, other factors, like upgrading outdated infrastructure, a higher focus on IT projects, and cybersecurity concerns, play a more significant role in influencing the growth of IT budgets.

Progress in Autonomous Systems

In 2023, autonomous systems can play a more significant role in the delivery and logistics industries. Most factories and warehouse systems embrace autonomy to partially or entirely automate their processes.

While autonomous systems typically started as self-driving vehicles, including trucks and ships, we can see the integration of delivery robots to reduce the need for human resources and increase workflow efficiency.

Large-scale retailers like Ocado, a British online supermarket, use autonomous robots in their warehouses to sort, store and move goods. With AI, the most popular products are placed in slots where the robots can easily reach them, taking less time to move. Success with autonomous robots makes it easy for other retailers to adopt the technology in their warehouses.

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Businesses Are Implementing New IT Infrastructure

With the economic crisis, businesses are looking to make crucial innovations and improve workflow efficiency with technology. This factor drives heavy reliance on managed nationwide IT services to develop, maintain and optimize in-house IT resources that promote business growth. Due to demand, the IT professional services market size is forecasted to experience a global CAGR of 11.2% from 2022 to 2030.

Companies are focused on adopting vertical cloud platforms that combine features from software, platform, and infrastructure as a service to provide solutions tailored to their specific needs. These platforms can adapt across the industry to provide more agile solutions to handle workloads and enhance performance in several business segments.

Vertical cloud platforms offer capabilities that can provide industry-wide solutions, which can be better than conventional enterprise resource planning systems which integrate within an organization. IT solutions companies focus more on building custom applications to smoothen and increase workflow performance and less on new technology hardware.

Digitalization In Advance of Recession

Industry leadership is worried about the fallback from the economy’s state and is pursuing digital transformation and IT adoption to drive saving expenses and increase revenue in 2023. In PwC’s Pulse survey, business executives, including CFOs, COOs, and CIOs, share their views on growing their businesses through the possible recession.

With 81% of executives believing that a recession will occur in a few months, we can expect more cautionary moves in IT investments that drive growth in specific business segments. While leaders are still planning cost-cutting measures, more are changing the perspective of how they look at their business to better break down cash flows and working capital.

Senior executives, especially CIOs, focus on automation and managed IT services to increase operational efficiency and cut costs.

The significant priorities in adopting digital transformation include implementing better cybersecurity measures and building better customer experiences to increase retention and loyalty. Digitalization for businesses includes having digital footprints or an online presence that customers can engage with, as such platforms help to provide a competitive advantage over companies that are yet to make such changes.

Prevent Your Infrastructure From Getting Outdated With Managed IT Services

Updating your IT infrastructure covers hardware, software, and cloud services. Using managed IT services helps you with the ever-changing needs of your business’s technology and implements IT solutions tailored to your needs while you focus on core company operations. From maintenance to upgrades, outsourcing your infrastructure management opens your business up to more opportunities.

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